Dancing with the Stars, Week 4 – Media Part IV

Still in the relatively Kate-free zone.

This video from Entertainment Tonight (4-16-10) is where I got much of my song information. You can tell that The Insider and ET are owned by the same people, what with all the Niecy pimping. At least she’s entertaining. šŸ™‚

Extra from 4-13; Pam, Chad/Cheryl, Nicole, Jake/Chelsie, Bruno – Quiz time for Nicole and Cheryl

Extra from 4-14; stuff from the results show and post-results show. Vienna, Jake’s fiance, is a correspondent – and she doesn’t do too bad, compared to some who’ve tried in the past. Plus a little bit from the after party – my biggest question is; what is Cheryl Burke doing with Adam Shankman?? Inquiring minds…

Extra from 4-17; Jake and Chelsie and Risky Business. Jake is actually looking pretty decent in his rehearsal. There is some Kate in the middle of this one. George Lopez on Keep Kate. ::groan::