Quick DWTS Season 11 Finale Twitter Round Up

I must admit that I haven’t been following Twitter all that much this season. Instead, Heidi and Vogue have been doing that really well. However, today in anticipation of the finale of DWTS season 11, I decided to go see what the DWTS peeps were saying on Twitter. Here’s some of the more interesting ones (with begging for votes excluded). Also, be sure to go and check out the Who’s Dancing What in the DWTS finale. Now on to the Twitter round up (with my comments in between each tweet!

Last day of rehearsal w/ wonderful @officaldhough on #DWTS. As dreamy as U think he is, ladies.THANKYOU,D! Time2#leaveitonthedancefloor!
Jennifer Grey

A little lovey dovey kick off. Plus, I’m sure that Heidi’s happy to hear that Derek Hough is just as dreamy in person. Although, I’m pretty sure he could never reach the level of Heidi’s dreams;-)

Want 2 write, 2 tired! Want 2 sleep, in an airport! Should look at dance 4 tues, since I have NO idea what I am doing! Nah, I’ll watch fball
Kurt Warner

At least the man is honest. I’d probably make the same choice. Football is just fantastic. Thank goodness they moved the good NFL games to Sunday night.

In rehearsal w all pros n celebs…..its hectic and yet somehow we r having a good time. This dance will be fun!
Louis Van Amstel

All the pros and celebs doing a dance number. This is why I really like the finale of DWTS.

It is amassing to me how you twisted my interview veer unprofessional !!!!!!!!!! :-/ RT @Hollyscoop: DWTS (cont) http://tl.gd/73tlot
Tony Dovolani

The media creating sensational headlines? No way!! At least we don’t do that. @TonyDovolani you’re always welcome here if you want to clear things up that the media screws up.

Up early doing radio tours talking about the DWTS work out DVDs coming out in November 30!! Go get em!!
chelsie hightower

Yes, there are a whole lot of DWTS Workout DVDs. I think this is the one that Chelsie is talking about: Dancing With the Stars: Fat Burning Cardio Dance A good Christmas gift for the DWTS fan.

I’d hope that the Christmas lights were going to be on DWTS or something. I guess Lacey didn’t get the message that Thanksgiving isn’t until Thursday. I don’t mind Christmas in July, but November is for Thanksgiving. On that note, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!