DWTS Season 12 – Paparazzi, Twitter, And Facebook Round-up Before The Show Begins

Well, crunch time has finally arrived. How are all the celebrities and their pro partners feeling it right now? Take a look below.

From their official facebook page, Anna and Sugar are all smiles….

Louis yesterday pushing Kendra to her limits…..

I tested @kendrawilkinson how far i can push her,n I tell u its difficult stuff, but somehow kendra did it.I was impressed.its very exciting
Louis Van Amstel

Dimity excited to be dancing to music with Petra….

Had an amazing rehearsal with @pnemcova. For the first time we’ve managed to dance together to music! Yay, I’m exited! :)
Dmitry Chaplin

Wendy and Tony in New Jersey Friday before heading to California. I think he’s questioning the size of her make-up bag and if she really needs to carry that much lipstick everywhere she goes.

Kirstie’s reaction after Ronn Moss (of “Bold And The Beautiful”) told her to dance her “tanned butt off Monday” and that she’d do “wonderfully!”

@RonnMoss1 oh you’ll see it alright … Monday night on DWTS… I’ll be the Black Swan
Kirstie Alley

Chris Jericho begs, “Feets don’t fail me now”. I’d like to know how many times I’ve said that to myself. :)

Had a killer final rehearsal today! At this point It’s all over but the dancing!Feets don’t fail me now…#teamchericho
Chris Jericho

“Rometower…feel the power”….

Kym doesn’t say much at Twitter, but when she does, she does….

On my way back to LA after 2 amazing days with Hines in Vegas.. He is looking so good and I can’t wait for the first show…
kym johnson

Lacey and Mike “hard at work” or is it more like “hardly working” or maybe both and then some for things we really don’t want to know about? 😯

I wonder what this was all about?

#ificouldiwouldbringback My pride. I lost in the middle of today’s DWTS rehearsal.
Chelsea Kane

Ralph feeling all the motions and emotions….

Awesome work last few days. Overwhelming, exciting, exhausting – body is aching but inspired 4 u all 2 c dwts Monday! Me & @Karina_Smirnoff
Ralph Macchio

Lastly, here is the Paparazzi catching our couples with some last minute thoughts in the rehearsal parking lot this weekend….

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