DWTS Season 13 Cast – Tom Knows and He Ain’t Sharing!

:-) I’m desperately trying to get my future former husband Tom Bergeron to comment on this blog.  Yes, former – I will have to divorce him when Derek finally wises up and realizes that older women are INDEED preferrable. :-) 

Enough silliness!!  I wrote this post because Tom Bergeron was bragging that’s he’s seen the cast list – and he even used a $20 word in his tweet:

Stopped by the DWTS office. Heard the lineup for Season 13. Cured my triskaidekaphobia. @ & I unveil them live 8/29 on ABC!
Tom Bergeron

So, did Tom really learn the cast list? Or was he just anxious to use “triskaidekaphobia” in a sentence? Of course, if he has seen the list then the rumors should start to get more solid and the pros should start getting notices. Unless they keep that all to themselves until the last minute. In previous seasons, I have definitely been under the impression that people get signed at the last minute.

P.S. Triskaidekaphobia, according to one of my Twitter friends, is “fear of Season 13″. I didn’t verify because it works for me and it sounds like The Berg. :-)