Katherine Jenkins to Dance with Derek Hough in Utah Concerts

Many thanks to @carolynbishop2 for the heads up on this story – cross posted from PureDerekHough.com.

So is this why he’s been spending time with Katherine? Or is this a result of his spending time with Katherine. Inquiring minds and all that. 🙂  From Express.co.uk:

The 32-year-old mezzo-soprano is set to jet out to the US to perform at a series of concerts with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra in Salt Lake City and is (ahem) apparently fascinated by all things Mormon.

“I’m really intrigued to find out more about the Mormon way of life,” she tells us. “I’m going to be dancing the paso doble with Derek in front of 44,000 Mormons.”

UPDATE: Thanks to Elmari for the heads up that you can watch this on TV if you get BYUtv on your cable…or you can watch it online.