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SPOILERS – DWTS Season 15, Week 5 – Who Got What Scores for Tuesday’s Show?

Well, if you want to know, you have to click on the little “read more” button. 🙂 Read more..

October 22, 2012 I Written By

I'm a nerd and proud of it. Two degrees in geology also means I love BEER. :-) I'm also a Derek lover - proud of that too. So don't scream at those of us on this site and call us a bunch of "biased Derek-lovers" - it's just ME. :-) It may sound like I hate DWTS at times, but really, I'm just a snarky nitpicker from way back. And I'm cynical and jaded too. But I do love DWTS. :-)

DWTS 15, Week 5 – Power Rankings, Part I

So this no elim/split performance night sure does throw a wrench into the normal, everyday workings here at Pure 😛 I realize that, since there is no elimination this week, it’s sort of pointless to try and predict who goes home – but the power rankings do allow for some interesting discussion, so we don’t want to just skip them altogether.  So just think of these as “theoretical power rankings” – who I would predict to go home if there actually was an elimination this week.  And since it’s split into two nights, this is what I’m going to do: tonight’s rankings are just for those that we saw dancing individually tonight (Gilles & Peta, Kelly & Val, Kirstie & Maks, Emmitt & Cheryl) – so if these were the only contestants left, who I would predict to go home out of the four.  I’ll also include some thoughts on Team “Call Me Maybe”. For tomorrow’s rankings, I will rank EVERYONE – and to save myself the work (and the redundancy) of commenting on every single couple again, I will probably just copy and paste my commentary from this post, and add any additional commentary I feel necessary after seeing tomorrow night’s couples dance.  Make sense? Good…because I’m not so sure I understand it myself 😛

1.) Gilles & Peta – Well, guess I can’t really get too mad at the overscoring of this one, since it’s kind of become par for the course this season.  I actually thought Gilles had some really nice lines in this rumba – he was actually extending both his arms and his legs nicely.  But my big problem was that I still felt like Peta was doing all the work…and it got a little repetitive.  To concur with Len, I got tired of the leg extensions and displays of flexibility really quickly, and it seemed to slow everything down just a little too much.  It was a time-waster in an already shortened routine.  It seemed like the first part (the a cappella part) was nice, and then once the crescendo hit with the instruments it was all overwrought emotion from there on out.  I would have probably given it a 28, tops, because I felt like there just wasn’t as much content as there should have been.  29.5 is an awfully cushy score.

2.) Emmitt & Cheryl – Lack of hip action and excessive shimmying aside – I actually ended up really liking this routine 🙂 Probably my favorite individual routine of the night, as Emmitt just seemed to be having a ton of fun to a really cheesy song.  I got a little worried at the beginning when I saw Cheryl doing a lot of shimmying around Emmitt, thinking that this would be a repeat of their bolero where Cheryl just did a lot of dancing around him.  But once they got into the routine a little more, I thought he did a pretty good amount of moving himself, and there actually was a considerable amount of samba content in this routine (you listening, Val?) Could have done without the giant inflatable parrots, but hey, we can’t always get what we want 😉

3.) Kirstie & Maks – Technically, I think it was the best routine Kirstie’s done so far this season, but I just ended up feeling kind of “meh” about it – probably because both Kirstie & Maks looked uncharacteristically cheerless in it.  Seriously, between the black costumes and their intense, focused expressions, I thought they were quickstepping at a funeral.  Did Mrs. Robinson die at the end of The Graduate? I’m confused 😛  Guess after I heard what song they were dancing to, I was expecting this dance to be as camp as Christmas – but it was just too tame.  I think she started off strong and had a good frame, and then maybe got a little bungled up on the bouncing sections, but overall I liked the choreography.  Just wish they would have remembered to have fun with it 😛 If we were basing this week’s elim solely on this one dance, I’d say Kirstie should probably be a bit worried – but since she’s got the team dance (and next week’s dances) to give her a boost, I wouldn’t be too worried…yet.

4.) Kelly & Val – Anyone else think they may have phoned it in on this samba, given how stressed and busy they were showing Kelly to be in the reheasal package? 🙁 I don’t feel like Kelly or Val really got 100% into this routine, and for the first time since week 2, I saw Kelly get a little bit intimidated and unsure of herself out on the floor.  She also seemed a little wobbly, and I saw some funky arms & legs…a few “Bambi on Ice” moments.  I could have done without all of the touchy-feely-sexy-ooh-look-at-how-much-chemistry-we-have stuff at the beginning, and I would have liked a little more meat & potatoes samba in this samba, but that kinda goes without saying.  Len & I were surprisingly like-minded in regards to tonight’s show 😛 But again, I have to wonder if Kelly & Val had a rough week between her work schedule and the team dance rehearsal, and maybe knew they were kind of half-assing it – because neither one looked very surprised or upset by the critiques or scores they got.  Perhaps they took a calculated risk in a week they knew wouldn’t matter too much? If I were Kelly, I would be slightly worried after this routine – for the simple reason that it seemed to really expose her weaknesses.

Thoughts on Team “Call Me Maybe”: As I said on Twitter, this routine was so stinkin’ cute 🙂 But with a song like that, can you go any other route except cute? 😛 I thought the theme was genius: it fit the mood of the song perfectly, capitalized on the celebs strengths (3 girls with cheerleading skills and one guy that is just cool…and hot 😉 ), and made for some cute costumes and scenery.  Loved the stepping portion at the beginning with the guys; thought the group sections were a nice combination of freestyle moves and enough proper ballroom to please Len – they were also sufficiently synchronized, given that some of the moves (like the leap frog over their partners) are hard to really do 100% in synch.  I also thought the individual sections were nicely reflective of each partnership – Sabrina got to be sassy with Louis, Shawn & Derek got to be fun & cheesy, Melissa got to be “pretty” and move smoothly with Tony, and Apolo & Karina got to make up for their hip-hop mishap last week 🙂 At the end, I was left smiling and feeling proud of them – they could have gone totally crazy and gone for shock value rather than technique, but they managed to throw it a lot of real dancing along with a great deal of entertainment value.  I would be pissed at CAI giving them a half-point shy of a perfect 30, but we all know she’s saving her 10 paddle virginity for Team Gangnam Style this week.  :::eye roll::: Oh well – at least they can only hope to get a half point more than Shawn’s team, tops.  That’s good enough for me 😉

So what did you guys think of tonight’s dances? Be sure to keep an eye out for any spoilers we might post about tomorrow night’s show…and avert your eyes accordingly, if you want to be surprised 😎

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Ultrasound sales specialist by day, semi-knowledgeable DWTS fan by night...with a smattering of hair & makeup enthusiast, occasional model, baker, and crazy cat lady peppered in to make things REALLY interesting ;-) I might pee my pants in happiness if Donnie Wahlberg ever does DWTS - or if they ever use "Sunglasses at Night" as a paso doble. Follow me (and my dog!) on Twitter & Instagram: @putuincespence & @BirkinTheBulldog

DWTS15 Sabrina Bryan And Louis Amstel Give Hints On This Week’s Dances (Blog, Video)

Louis Van Amstel writes on how the dances will take place tonight and tomorrow night on Dancing With The Stars! He says his team was feeling very “ambitious” with their group dance. They took pushed the skill level and took risks which they hope pays off. He also gives a sneak peek into what their “guilty pleasures” dance might be like. Here is more….

This week is an exciting one featuring team dances. It brings more anxiety for us having two dances to focus on. Sabrina and I are part of the “Call Me Maybe” team with Shawn Johnson, Derek Hough, Melissa Rycroft, Tony Dovolani, Apolo Ohno, and Karina Smirnoff. We are being very ambitious with our group dance, pushing the skill level and taking risks. Hopefully it pays off, but we had a lot of fun coming up with our concept, costumes, and choreography. It might not be what you expect! (Am I teasing you too much right now? Haha).

It’s also “Guilty Pleasures” week, where each celeb has to fess up on something no one knows and might be quite embarrassing. Sabrina’s guilty pleasure takes us back to one of the most famous fairytales in history and shows a different side of Sabrina that got me choked up during rehearsal. It’s so beautiful to see a change happen in front of my eyes and see Sabrina show such vulnerability. Our Waltz pretty much represents every woman’s dream of becoming a princess, being swept away by her prince and having him swirl her across the dance floor in the most romantic setting. It’s a feeling everyone should have at least once in their lifetime.

Even though Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke explained this week’s changes, I want to make sure you guys are aware tonight’s show is only one hour and Tuesday’s show starts an hour earlier and is also a regular show. On both shows at 8/7c, one team performs their group dance and the couples from the other team do their solo dances. Our team, team “Call me Maybe,” performs tonight and we will do our solo dances on Tuesday night. Team “Gangnam Style” performs Tuesday, but their solo dances will be performed tonight.

This is going to be a fun week! Who’s ready? You can read Louis’ full blog at ABC. Also, below is Louis and Sabrina thanking their fans for voting. They also talk on their dances…

I Written By

I'm a fashion and music fan....and I have always loved dancing too of any kind. Dancing With The Stars seems to have this way of bringing all of those things together. One of my favorite dancing quotes at the moment: "No matter what, nobody can take away the dance you've already had...." ~Gleb Savchenko . To view my photography site, see Lisa Kay Photography.

Dancing with the Stars Season 15 – Week 5 Predictions

After taking a week off (I actually flew out to New York two weekends ago) and as thus wasn’t able to rework my spreadsheet in time for the predictions of Week 4. But I am back and raring to go with Week 5 predictions.

So without further ado… here are the predictions that you were missing last week (with thanks from Heidi for putting together who is dancing what):

Since we are heading towards what I call the “middle third” of the season the only scores from the previous seasons that I will be focusing on will be those from Weeks 4 thru 7. Because of this breakdown… in the case of Peta she has done a Rumba before but in the first few weeks of Season 13 with Donald.

Consequently those celebrities in their 60s have done a Quickstep but again only in the first two weeks of their season… so to stick with some sort of accuracy I chose not to include those scores.

However, with those missing scores it seems rather odd for Kirstie to be placed so high (though it could be possible) while Melissa is placed so low… Again as proven in past prediction posts… they tend to be a crap shoot… so take the above with a grain of salt.

In the meantime let’s look at how the scores went at the end of the day for Week 3 and (from what is available in Week 4).
Read more..

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My life can be summed up in the following two quotes: 1) "I am married to engineering and am its faithful wife by day, but at night my wanderlust takes hold and the arts becomes my jealous paramour." and... 2) "Engineering is my safety net. Writing is my passion. Acting is my escape when the other two become too much." So where does dancing fit in? Pretty much anywhere at this point... =)

Maks Chmerkovskiy On Kirstie Alley: “She’s so much more than a dance partner….”

Maks has penned a new blog for TV Guide!! He says their team dance on Dancing With The Stars is going to be crazy, silly, and funny…and a bit obscene too. He also talks all about Kirstie and how they are trying to do their best. The take below is my favorite part of the blog. Read this to see why….

I’m honored to be part of this All-Stars season. It’s monumental. I’m very happy to be part of it. If I’ve done what I’ve done my past 12 seasons and wasn’t included, that would be telling of my impact. I love the fact that I’m back with Kirstie. I feel very protective of her. I feel like something is in front of my face and if I find a way to do something I haven’t tried that can drastically help Kirstie, I would do it. I feel like it’s right in front of me.

The good news about this week is there’s no elimination, but the scores will be combined with next week’s. It’s gonna be a bit overwhelming. If imagine we’re last both weeks, the difference between first and last could be, like, 18 points. To overcome that is hard, but I know we and our fans won’t stop. I saw something recently that said, “Dear pessimist, optimist and realist: While you figure out if the glass is half-empty or half-full, I drank the water. I’m an opportunist.” I’m not negative, I’m not positive, I’m not delusional. I understand the situation. But I will never give up by myself. The only way we will leave is when we’re voted off. We will never check out mentally. We will never dumb anything down. I will never stop being creative. We’re still gonna fight. That’s how I will continue. Sometimes Kirstie tells me, “I wish you had a better partner.” I tell her, “I have the best partner I could have!” I could have a better dancer as a partner, but she’s so much more than a dance partner. She’s my friend and that is the most valuable part of this whole experience. She’s so much more than a celebrity you dance with three months. In return, I have to be the best.

Be sure to read the full blog at TV Guide!!

I Written By

I'm a fashion and music fan....and I have always loved dancing too of any kind. Dancing With The Stars seems to have this way of bringing all of those things together. One of my favorite dancing quotes at the moment: "No matter what, nobody can take away the dance you've already had...." ~Gleb Savchenko . To view my photography site, see Lisa Kay Photography.

Derek Hough Judges Make Your Mark, Talks On DWTS Cast, Shawn Johnson, and More

Isn’t this a great screencap by our Miss Heidi of Derek Hough? In case you don’t know, last week, the Dancing With The Stars pro was a judge on “Make Your Mark”. He did a really good job too! Heidi has more fun screenshots and video footage at Pure Derek Hough as well as some hunky, intense paparazzi pics of he and partner Shawn Johnson. She also has a new interview posted where Derek talks on Shawn Johnson and the cast of Dancing With The Stars. Be sure to read and see everything here. A MONDAY MUST before showtime!!! 😀

I Written By

I'm a fashion and music fan....and I have always loved dancing too of any kind. Dancing With The Stars seems to have this way of bringing all of those things together. One of my favorite dancing quotes at the moment: "No matter what, nobody can take away the dance you've already had...." ~Gleb Savchenko . To view my photography site, see Lisa Kay Photography.

Apolo Ohno Previews Tonight’s DWTS Samba With Karina Smirnoff And More

Apolo Ohno warns that he and Karina Smirnoff’s costumes tonight will be “hilarious” and “rediculous”, but, he’s excited for their new dance. See why below and why their music “speaks” to him.

Going into this week and the following weeks, this has reignited a new passion and a new creative interest in her mind, as far as how she choreographs her dances, which I pay for daily, because she makes them very, very difficult.

There’s no elimination this week, but we’ll still be judged on these dances and they’re going to be cumulative with next week’s dance. This week is “Guilty Pleasures Week.” We’re doing Rick James’s “Give It to Me Baby,” which is awesome American funk. There are hilarious, ridiculous outfits.

I’m wearing a silk, leopard print shirt with white pants and white shoes. It’s very funky and old school. I’m trying to figure out how to do a big afro, but obviously my hair does not work that way, so we’re going to play with it.

The dance is the samba, the dance I got my first perfect score on, during week five with Julianne. So, for me, it’s significant. Now I want to show my true colors. Now I really want to bring it all out and lay it all on the line. I just want to have fun, play the theatrical role, play the moment and just really go out there and live it.

I want to show people why I love this song and why it speaks to me. This song is a true guilty pleasure, it’s hilarious. And if you watch the music video, it’s even funnier. Karina and I have been trying to watch it as much as we can.

You can read more at Bring it and “live it”, Apolo!! You can do it!!

Also, keep your thoughts with Karina. Here is some back stage footage from last night as she got some shots in her neck. Ouch!

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I'm a fashion and music fan....and I have always loved dancing too of any kind. Dancing With The Stars seems to have this way of bringing all of those things together. One of my favorite dancing quotes at the moment: "No matter what, nobody can take away the dance you've already had...." ~Gleb Savchenko . To view my photography site, see Lisa Kay Photography.

DWTS Season 15 Week 5 New Rehearsal Interview With Emmitt Smith And Cheryl Burke

The Insider has a new rehearsal interview up today with Emmitt Smith! He says he doesn’t feel like he has a leg up in the competition on Dancing With The Stars since there are other past winners of the mirror ball. Emmitt says he’s fortunate to still have Cheryl as a partner. She is still tough and “kicking his booty in practice” too. See why he says he’s off his game below and how much he’s changed since having his family. I just love Emmitt!! Great interview!

ADDING: Below is Cheryl talking with Access Hollywood on she and Emmitt’s rehearsals and their dances at the Carousel of Hope Ball held over the weekend. She says they are all exhausted from learning two dances this past week. She and Emmitt have been rehearsing for 7-8 hours a day….

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I'm a fashion and music fan....and I have always loved dancing too of any kind. Dancing With The Stars seems to have this way of bringing all of those things together. One of my favorite dancing quotes at the moment: "No matter what, nobody can take away the dance you've already had...." ~Gleb Savchenko . To view my photography site, see Lisa Kay Photography.