SPOILERS – DWTS Season 15, Week 5 – Who Got What Scores for Tuesday’s Show?

Well, if you want to know, you have to click on the little “read more” button. 🙂 So, right after the show there is a break time and the audience gets to hit the floor to dance while the couples all change to continue taping.  Wish I was there. 🙂

Melissa/Tony Tango –  Very sexy and a 27. Source says it was maybe a little on the cautious side, but still very good.  Melissa wears a red wig, a la Britney Spears in the “Toxic” video. 

Shawn/Derek Rumba – Apparently amazing, but not to Len who gives them an 8, for a total of 27.  The pimping of Gilles continues – only consolation is that he must need protection. They also got docked for a lift – not sure whether it was intentional or accidental. 

Apolo/Karina   – CAI isn’t feeling it this season, claims they need to work on their chemistry (as if). They get a 27.  Gee, get the feeling they are leveling the playing field? Me thinks Gilles ain’t cutting it without protection. Apolo did not have an afro wig on, despite expressing a desire to wear one earlier in the week.

Sabrina/Louis – Len says “Sabrina, you’re going to the ball.” and she gets a 29. Apparently looks just like the movie. Source said Louis looked really nice, and that the whole dance was really pretty – “like Cinderella come to life”.

Source says everyone on Tuesday is at least better than Emmitt.

Maks gets 10 coolness points for saying to Gilles during team dance rehearsal: “You can’t talk anymore.”  🙂

Apparently team dance is very stupid and all judges comment on various degrees of messiness. But as predicted Bruno and CAI love it as does Len. But they only get a 27. Bruno apparently loved the whole thing, and made Gilles give him his towel (yes, Gilles was wearing a towel and not much else). Carrie Ann said it was a “hot mess” but also “crazy fun”.  Len pointed out that it “wasn’t tight or together” but “should come with a health warning, cause I’m out of breath!”

I would add a lot more commentary but this site is pissing me off. So now that it seems to have calmed down, I’ve added more 🙂 -Court-