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New Astrology And Numerology Study And Predictions For Dancing With The Stars Season 17 Finals!!

What interesting Astrology personalities and unions we have this season for the Dancing With The Stars Season 17 Finals!! Making this season unique from others, would you believe it if we told you we have two Taureans and two Capricorns in the finals? And to make things even more interesting a Scorpio, an Aquarian, a Pisces, and a Leo are thrown into the mix. Read further to see how the couples Astrological sings might and might not stack up and if you think this might help or hinder them for the finals? DonaMadrina has also included a new Numerology Forecast for us to consider being she was interesting in diving into their “Monthly” and “Yearly” numbers a bit more being their weekly numbers are so close and tight. Note how (once again), she nailed it with her Numerology forecast last week. Tony Dovolani was the only person to have a “red challenging” mark and…well, we all know how that turned out. Also included below is a Horoscope Forecast for each sign from Astrologer Patrick Arundell who is quite a fascinating and fun fellow. If interested, be sure to subscribe to his You Tube site for he forecasts each sign every week. One more thing before you read further, be sure to see Pure Derek Hough for more with Amber and Derek as DonaMadrina has personally studied and forecasted what is in Derek’s Astrological forecast and it is fascinating to say the least.

Ok, ready? Here we go:

Corbin and Karina:

Corbin Bleu – Born February 21st, A Pisces born on the Aquarius/Pisces Cusp
Positive traits: energetic, success oriented, a need to prove themselves, concerned, caring
Negative traits: insecure, pessimistic, isolated
Other famous Aquarians born in the same weekly time period: Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, John McEnroe, John Travolta

Karina – Born January 2nd, Capricorn
Positive traits: hard working, ambitious, determined, extremely dedicated, capable
Negative traits: dogmatic, bottled up, tyrannical
Other famous Capricorns born in the same weekly period; Oprah Winfrey, Mary Tyler Moore, Donna Summer

Union Together: These two may be opposites being Capricorn is normally reserved and ‘all business’ versus Aquarius’ sense of adventure and playful side. However note how Corbin was born on the cusp of Pisces as well which means he may have an intuitive and imaginative side. The fish can swim high or low….and their moods can do the same. In turn and with all the above combinations, they may have a way of soaking each other up like a sponge when it comes to educating and learning from one another and I definitely think this is what we’ve been seeing in them both along their journey. Do you agree?

Amber and Derek:

Amber – Born February 15th, Aquarius
Positive traits: friendly, inventive, progressive, lively, affectionate
Negative traits: irritated, vulnerable
Other famous Aquarians born in the same weekly period: Jane Seymour, Roberta Flack, Carole King

Derek – Born May 17th, Taurus
Positive traits: caring, persevering, passionate, endures, full of grace, fun loving, imaginative, adventuresome
Negative traits: rebellious, frustrated
Other famous Taureans born in the same weekly period: Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire, Gary Cooper

Union Together: These two signs together may have some conflicts …especially in the beginning. Taurus likes to control while Aquarian wants to be independent and find their own way. However, one thing they do share is a common passion for all things in life….and a grace, warmth, and caring for others (animals and people alike) as well as being lively and adventuresome. They also share a rebellious trait when challenged and times get tough as they both just want to fight that much harder. If these two can find a mutual balance and respect what makes the other tick in the conflicting times, tremendous things are possible. In other words, when they have found that happy spot, watch out. They are unstoppable, enthusiastic, and creative. Is this what we’re seeing in these two? I think so.

More with these two at Pure Derek Hough.

Jack and Cheryl:

Jack – Born November 8th, Scorpio
Positive Traits: passionate, brave, intense, serious, steadfast, a worthy adversary
Negative Traits: Worries, depressed easily, escapist
Other famous Scorpios born in the same weekly period: Sally Field, Tatum O’Neal, Will Rogers

Cheryl – Born May 3rd, Taurus
Positve Characteristics: enterprising, fair, magnetic, teacher
Negative Characteristics: demanding, critical, inflexible
Other famous Taureans born in the same weekly period: Sigmund Frued, Eva Peron, Audrey Hepburn

Union Together: Think ‘the best of friendship’ with these two. Though these two can also be Read more..

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I'm a fashion and music fan....and I have always loved dancing too of any kind. Dancing With The Stars seems to have this way of bringing all of those things together. One of my favorite dancing quotes at the moment: "No matter what, nobody can take away the dance you've already had...." ~Gleb Savchenko . For fun music and dance mixes, visit WilUnleashed Soundcloud.

Karina Smirnoff Interviewed About This Week’s Theme For DWTS, Maks Chmerkovskiy, And More

TV Guide has a new interview posted with Karina Smirnoff. She goes over last week’s dances on Dancing With The Stars and why the judges hold Corbin to a higher standard. Below she talks of this week’s theme and dances, how she feels going into the semi-finals, and how she feels about Maks being a guest judge.

What can you tell us about this week’s theme?
Smirnoff: This week, they’re doing something really cool on the show. They have never done this before, and I really like this idea. Everybody does two individual dances, and the dances are to the same song. One is the original and the other one is a one is a stripped-down cover of the original.

Sounds cool! What do you and Corbin have planned?
Smirnoff: [The] first dance is the main story, and it’s quite passionate and dark and mysterious. And the second dance becomes the prequel to the first dance. The first dance is a traditional international tango, and the second one is a rumba. In the tango, we both have become creatures of darkness in a way, but he is like the mastermind of darkness and he obviously has dangerous agendas in his game plan. And I decide in the tango that I don’t want to be a part of that, but I can’t stop him anymore. So then in the rumba, it’s him finding me and seducing me to be part of his darkness, part of his world. It’s pretty awesome. I was telling Corbin, our dances remind me of little movies. It’s so exciting and entertaining and creative. I love it. I love every second of it.

How do you feel you’re positioned going into the semifinals?
Smirnoff: We were talking about it yesterday, and the last four eliminations were relatively shocking to me. They were the strongest dancers [who] went out, so that’s not the best sign for us, because we do tend to be closer to the top of the leader board. … So, we are nervous about Monday, but at the end of the day this is something that we can’t control. And our main goal is to make sure that we come up with routines that are exciting and entertaining, and hopefully the audience will love it and vote us into the final. That’s the only thing that we can control, and we’re going to work hard on that. Everything else, whether we worry or not about it, there’s nothing we can do.

What do you think about Maks coming back to guest-judge?
Smirnoff: I think it’s actually going to be a lot of fun. Maks is known to not be friends with a filter. … I think he will say it as it is. It won’t be the typical response that we might be accustomed to hearing … so I’m kind of looking forward to that. And he’s an active dancer, so he literally went off the dance floor in Dancing with the Stars and now is going to judge, so he has a fresh perspective of being on both sides of the coin. I think it’ll be interesting. I’m kind of excited to see him go at it with Len or Carrie Ann or any one of them.

Interesting perspective on Maks and I’d like to see him go at it with Len and Carrie Ann too. More at TV Guide.

ETA: Karina has posted her new blog at Not only that, there is a rehearsal teaser VIDEO with she and Corbin as well. Be sure to see everything at the link. Below are her thoughts about Maks…

I don’t think having Maks [Chmerkovskiy] guest judge this week is going to be any more weird or less weird than having any other people guest judge. On the contrary, I think it will be interesting because he comes from being in our shoes. He comes from knowing what we need to do. Maks is known to have no filter, so I’m quite looking forward to what he has to say.

I think if he wants to be a fair judge and do a great job, he has to be fair. At this point, he has no agenda. His brother isn’t in the cast anymore. I can’t imagine him being subjective. If I were to judge, I would have to be objective, simply for the fact that I know how much work we all put in every single week. Out of respect for that, it only would be fair for the judging to be fair.

ETA2: Corbin Bleu has written his new blog for Below is what he writes and he and Karina’s new dances. More at the link on Maks as a guest judge.

Our first dance, a rumba, is a very stripped down version of the other dance. It’s slow and melodic and a completely different song. Our dances are connected, story-wise. I play a dark and sinister villain – very devil-like almost. I end up seducing Karina in the rumba and she’s very reluctant. And by the end, she gives in. I take her as my queen of darkness. That’s our prequel.

Then we have our tango, which is Karina as my queen. She’s now trying to get away from me. She decides she doesn’t want to be a part of this darkness anymore. I am obviously not having any of it, and there’s this very epic battle of fire. We’re going to have fire everywhere. We’ll have fire all over the stage, and at the end, I pretty much set the entire ballroom on fire. It’s really dark and twisted. I’m in love with it.

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I'm a fashion and music fan....and I have always loved dancing too of any kind. Dancing With The Stars seems to have this way of bringing all of those things together. One of my favorite dancing quotes at the moment: "No matter what, nobody can take away the dance you've already had...." ~Gleb Savchenko . For fun music and dance mixes, visit WilUnleashed Soundcloud.

Dancing With The Stars Season 17 Numerology Forecast For The Semi-Finals And Finals

As regulars to PureDWTS might know, we usually do an Astrology feature at the end of the season for Finals. Donamadrina added her “Numerology” predictions to the mix last season. Well, today we got to tweeting and talking about it privately and decided to break them up into their own posts for what she was finding regarding last week’s elimination and how the numbers lined up for Val and Elizabeth. Fascinating stuff as you will soon see. Special Note before reading futher: Last season, Donamadrina NAILED it with her Numerology predictions which you can compare and take a look at here. Ok, so below is Donamadrina with her new Dancing With The Stars Season 17 Numerology predictions for the Semi-Finals and Finals…

Donamadrina: Numerology is not an exact science. Just as in Astrology, where you have to consider more than just one’s Sun Sign, so it is in Numerology where you have to consider more than just one’s Life Path number. Also, when looking at our Dancing With The Stars couples, we have to remember that their lives are more than just Dancing With The Stars, and the scoring results. For example, in Week 8 (November 4), both Amber and Derek had challenging numbers, so I was thinking, sadly, it just might be their last week. However they were declared SAFE. So what did their numbers refer to? From what we knew of their private lives, both were challenged health-wise, Amber with her recurring knee injury and Derek with his recurring back injury.

In another example, on November 11th, each couple had a partner with “Extra Sunny” numbers. So who had to go? From the challenging numbers, either Corbin or Amber should have been eliminated, right? However, they were both declared SAFE. We know Amber was still “challenged” by her knee injury, not sure what Corbin’s challenge was. Each had the voting numbers to stay around though. Elizabeth earned a 30 for her last dance (Extra Sunny), but… Read more..

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I'm a fashion and music fan....and I have always loved dancing too of any kind. Dancing With The Stars seems to have this way of bringing all of those things together. One of my favorite dancing quotes at the moment: "No matter what, nobody can take away the dance you've already had...." ~Gleb Savchenko . For fun music and dance mixes, visit WilUnleashed Soundcloud.

PureDWTS Season 16 Post Elimination Media, Numerology Prediction Correct, And More

We have lots of fun post Dancing With The Stars Season 16 elimination interviews and media to share with you this morning, but, first we’d like to commend reader @DonaMadrina. She nailed it in her Numerology Report that she sent to us for the new Zodiac post this season. She made us a graph in gif form so we could take a look at this again….


Amazing, isn’t it? GOOD JOB DONA!!xxx

With that said, I’d just like to comment how much I loved last night’s finale. I think my only complaint of the whole night (like many others) was Zendaya’s flat shoes. 😯 Other than that, it was so cool seeing Sharna and Andy’s phenomenal Mad Hatter Lady Gaga Jazz number again. What’s more, they made it a huge dance production. And how about Dorothy Hamill and Kristi Yamaguchi’s dance with Henry and Sasha? What a “moment” that was. I also loved the performances by Wynonna (what a powerhouse), PSY (I’m so addicted to that crazy song and dance production now. lol), and Pitbull. A night to remember for sure!! More in Heidi’s Spoiler post and comments. You can also download all the music from the night in John’s new Music post here.

Ok, so let’s get right to some elimination interviews with Access Hollywood. Derek and Kellie, Aly and Mark, and Jacoby and Karina reflect on the season and how happy they are for this experience. Sorry, there isn’t anything posted for Val and Zendaya (yet anyway?)….

E News has a wrap up on the night and some interviews as well here.

And thanks to Kaitlyn showing us their location, below are the On The Red Carpet interviews…..

Let’s hope ET Online has some interviews posted shortly too.

Also, stay tuned to Pure Derek Hough as Miss Heidi will have a full mega wrap up there with Kellie and Derek including more articles and interviews for what you don’t see here.

Ok, more in a bit!!! 😉

ETA: Here is the cast out and about after the finale:

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I'm a fashion and music fan....and I have always loved dancing too of any kind. Dancing With The Stars seems to have this way of bringing all of those things together. One of my favorite dancing quotes at the moment: "No matter what, nobody can take away the dance you've already had...." ~Gleb Savchenko . For fun music and dance mixes, visit WilUnleashed Soundcloud.

How Will Astrology Influence The Dancing With The Stars Season 16 Final Four?

Every season, I’m always fascinated to learn how Astrology may play a part with our couples and their dancing on Dancing With The Stars. When doing some studying up on the final four couples and their astrological personalities and characteristics from Season 16, it’s no wonder why we saw some behaviors take place on the dance floor and between each of them in their packages, etc. Let’s dive into it and feel free to predict, speculate, and inform us of what you know and think of these zodiac personalities and combinations (let us know what your sun sign is too if you want). Furthermore, and when taking a look at these combinations, who do you think has the strongest chance of winning Dancing With The Stars Season 16?

Derek Hough and Kellie Pickler:

According to the sources I’ve always used, this is a “match”. Derek (as many of you know) is a Taurus “the Bull” born May 17th while Kellie is a Cancer “the Crab” born June 28th. Taurus and Cancer are essentially very compatible signs in terms of love and relationships being the needs of one are the defining characteristics of the other. Taureans are comfort seekers and need reassurances, which is something a Cancer-born person can easily and naturally provide as they are naturally sensitive and nurturing as well. Not only are they support signs, both signs are intellectually forward thinking people so “creating” and making things happen for whatever they are passionate about is done with ease.

Also, when I first found out Kellie was a Cancer, my first thoughts were of pros Tony Dovolani, Peta Murgatroyd, and Dancing With The Stars alumni Katherine Jenkins who are also all Cancers. Note how all three have a “gaze” in their eyes which can make them look as if they are crying, or are ocean like, or look as if they are in the water swimming, or in a distant place. This might be what Carrie Anne is picking up on when she commented Kellie is disconnected at times and she wished she would show more emotion in her dancing. Though in my opinion, it’s not that Kelly isn’t feeling the emotion (because “emotion” is also a strong Cancer characteristic), it might be that ‘distant gaze’ instead which is conflicting. Though if so, watch out, I think Kellie and Derek are very much aware of this issue as this past week we saw “the Crab” make a turn for the best in this area. Would you agree?

Looking closer at their specific birth dates:
Strengths together: Exploring, respectful, expansive
Weaknesses together: unrealistic, chaotic, bankrupt

Jacoby Jones and Karina Smirnoff:

Awww, and we have another Cancer in our midst. Jacoby Jones was born on July 11th. Note how he too has a gaze type look in his eyes at times where he looks to be in a distant place. Though with Jacoby, he seems to have naturally mastered this characteristic to his advantage many times to entertain on Dancing With The Stars. Would you say this is true? Some of his looks during and after performing have had me in tears of laughter.

As for Karina, she is Capricorn born on January 2nd. Capricorns are very work driven and passionate about their quests in life. This is not an issue for Cancers as they too are Read more..

May 18, 2013 I Written By

I'm a fashion and music fan....and I have always loved dancing too of any kind. Dancing With The Stars seems to have this way of bringing all of those things together. One of my favorite dancing quotes at the moment: "No matter what, nobody can take away the dance you've already had...." ~Gleb Savchenko . For fun music and dance mixes, visit WilUnleashed Soundcloud.

Zodiac Study On The Dancing With The Stars Season 15 Finalists And Their Unions

It’s that time again, Dancettes! As the Dancing With The Stars Season 15 All Star finale approaches, I’m more curious than ever to see how astrology might play a part in the outcome of our couples dancing? Maybe astrology has nothing to do with it or maybe it does? Whatever the case, it’s fun to explore why each person might be the way they are and, furthermore, to see how certain signs ‘combined’ together might effect their performances or unions as they have so far on Dancing With The Stars. Let’s get started and feel free to discuss and elaborate for what you know of people with these signs (including of yourself) and how you might think it has or will help the top three finalists win this competition.

First up, Derek Hough and Shawn Johnson:
Derek was born May 17th. He is a Taurus…the sign of the Bull. People born under this sign are steadfast, sensitive, passionate, and strong individuals. Most of the people born under this sign fit the “bull” and “solid like a rock” scenario in some way when it comes to everything that touches them…from work, creativity, personality traits, and relationships. Pretty much nothing can break them and they are able to accomplish and rise above anything even in the worst or most challenging conditions. We see it week after week with Derek on Dancing With The Stars in so many ways. For instance: if all hell breaks loose on the show and/or he disagrees with the Judge’s, etc, who is the quiet, silent one standing strong and steadfast with a piercing gaze through it all like a “true bull” itself? Yep, Derek Hough!

As for Shawn, she was born on January 19th. She is a Capricorn…the sign of the goat, one of which, will slowly, but persistently, climb until they reach the highest place on a mountain. If you know a Capricorn, you know they are one of the most hard working and “work minded” signs in the Zodiac. Even when they are not working, they still are working in some way. This is not a bad thing. It’s just their nature. To ask differently of them, would kill their spirit as well as expecting anything less from them. So, it’s no wonder why this sign has been deemed as one the most successful of the zodiac. Is this sounding familiar to Shawn Johnson yet …an Olympic champion as well as a two time Dancing With The Stars finalist? Read more..

November 23, 2012 I Written By

I'm a fashion and music fan....and I have always loved dancing too of any kind. Dancing With The Stars seems to have this way of bringing all of those things together. One of my favorite dancing quotes at the moment: "No matter what, nobody can take away the dance you've already had...." ~Gleb Savchenko . For fun music and dance mixes, visit WilUnleashed Soundcloud.

DWTS: How Will Astrology Effect The Dancing With The Stars Season 14 Finalists?

The Stars (in more way than one) are aligned for the Dancing With The Stars Season 14 Finale. What does this mean for Monday and Tuesday night for William Levy & Cheryl Burke, Katherine Jenkins & Mark Ballas, and Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd?

If you’ve been following Pure Dancing With The Stars for the last couple of Seasons, you know that one of my interests in life since my mid teens has been Astrology. I like to use it to help me to understand people and myself more and why we are the way we are. Taking it one step further, it’s even more fun to see what certain signs ‘combined’ together might produce such as what we see in the unions on Dancing With The Stars. So, this season, we’re back again with another Zodiac Edition to study and explore the three remaining finalists in this area. You may have studied Astrology too in some fathom. If so, feel free to elaborate on what you think of these combinations and how it might effect the outcome on Monday and Tuesday night? So, let’s get started….

Read more..

May 19, 2012 I Written By

I'm a fashion and music fan....and I have always loved dancing too of any kind. Dancing With The Stars seems to have this way of bringing all of those things together. One of my favorite dancing quotes at the moment: "No matter what, nobody can take away the dance you've already had...." ~Gleb Savchenko . For fun music and dance mixes, visit WilUnleashed Soundcloud.

Pure DWTS Season 13 – How Does Or Will The Zodiac Effect Our Dancing Couples For Finals?

Hi All! So, last season we did a an Astrology study on the remaining three couples before the finale. As you know, Kym Johnson, a striking, entertaining, and leading Leo, and Hines Ward, an athletic, deep, and imaginative Pisces, ended up winning Season 12 at no surprise really to any of us. So, what does the Zodiac this season tell us about the teams of Derek Hough and Ricki Lake, J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff, Cheryl Burke and Rob Kardashian and their unions? As said in last season’s Zodiac post, remember this isn’t a forecast post (I’ll leave that to one of you who is more of an expert in that area). Instead, I like to use Astrology as a ‘tool’ in getting to know people or to better understand them and life’s circumstances which in this case are these six people who took on a dance competition. Ok, let’s get started…

J.R. And Karina:

Now this union is interesting. Karina was born on January 2. She is a Capricorn (like Kirstie Alley and her former boyfriend and pro dancer, Maks). J.R. was born on June 14th making him a Gemini (like Mark Ballas). Capricorns take their life and work ethics very seriously. In fact, they are known in the Zodiac to be “hard working” and business minded. Even while on a vacation, they are “working” in some way or thinking about it. Unless Capricorns have other influences working in their chart, they are very intense and serious about their goals 24-7. Geminis, on the other hand, are very adventurous and highly energetic. They are known to have many or several layers to their personalities making one think they have dual personalities. It’s funny because if you know or have known a Gemni like I have in my brother-in-law and several friends (our Heidi being one), you know they can have many projects going on all at the same time (as well as having a busy social life to boot). You wonder how in the world can they juggle everything and yet, they get every single one of their projects finished and on time. I once knew a Gemini friend in school who took on every activity and sport out there and she wouldn’t get serious (or so I thought) about school projects and her studies until the very last minute and she prevailed at the top of her game every time. Leave it only to a Gemini to accomplish such a feat with what would appear to have no organization what so ever, but, this is naturally how a Gemni’s mind and spirit work. These behaviors in a Gemni would be hard for a Capricorn to accept which we’ve seen in some of J.R.and Karina’s packages and rehearsals all season when J.R. wants things light and fun and Karina wants everything more serious. Though if a two like this can be successfully brought together to accomplish the same goal without too much of their personality traits conflicting, just think of the final outcome? Facts are, both Capricorns and Gemnis can get the job done even though their approaches are quite opposite from each other.

Derek and Ricki:

Derek was born on May 17th. He is a Taurus. Ricki was born September 21st. She is a Virgo (like Chelsea Kane last season). Let’s start out by saying the Taurus isn’t called “The Bull” for nothing. They are one of the most determined of the Zodiac. They might not know what they want in life or relationships, but, once they’ve decided, WATCH OUT! They are “finishers” and they are “closures”. Derek’s 3 Mirror Ball trophies are just a mere example of what a “bull” can do when challenged to the end. It’s no wonder Derek is where he is at in life since he made up his mind long ago at a very young age to dance and even left his family and life in Utah to do it. Note too how Taurus are very intelligent and are also “slow thinkers” which we see in all of Derek’s choreography and teaching. They will take their time and go the distance wanting to do everything with extreme perfection where most anyone else would have given up long ago. Being a Virgo, Ricki understands this need to be a perfectionist as well as we’ve seen all season getting to know her. Virgos like to analyze everything and they have a great desire to do things “right” and for everyone around them to do things “right”. If this doesn’t happen, they can get moody and critical of themselves (does this sound familiar of some of Ricki’s reactions after she’s danced?). But, teamed up with Taurus, a Virgo excites them because they can push them to be even more perfect which they don’t mind. The stronger, the better. A Virgo’s love and caring way also has a way of taming and calming “the bull” just at the right times. This is definitely a strong and tight union to watch out for as we’ve seen on the show and them thus far.

Rob and Cheryl:

Cheryl is a Taurus as well. She was born on May 3rd. Just like Derek, she is focused to the bitter end on her prize for whatever she takes on. Her two Mirror Ball trophies also speak for themselves. Rob was born Mar. 17th. He’s a Pisces like Hines Ward (last season’s champ). Pisces feel like they are fish in an infinite ocean of thought and feeling always seeking the purest waters. You’ll see them jumping out of the water happy with life and willing to take risks. At other times they pull back into lower, murkier depths. This ability to tune into deep or higher thoughts inspires a Pisces artistically, creatively, and even musically. This is what we’ve seen of Rob since the season began. He wasn’t sure where the water was right or where he’d fit in the beginning, but, with the “bull’s” protection, strength, focus, and perseverance, Rob is like a shark out of water now. They are a very powerful union indeed as we’ve all found out. They have proven ‘anything is possible’ with the right focus and determination.

So, what do you think? If you were to base the finals on these three couples Zodiac, what would be the outcome and who would be the dominant pair? I honestly can’t decide. 😯

Sources used for this post: Horoscopes Love Eu, Horoscopes Within, Linda Goodman’s “Sunsigns”

November 19, 2011 I Written By

I'm a fashion and music fan....and I have always loved dancing too of any kind. Dancing With The Stars seems to have this way of bringing all of those things together. One of my favorite dancing quotes at the moment: "No matter what, nobody can take away the dance you've already had...." ~Gleb Savchenko . For fun music and dance mixes, visit WilUnleashed Soundcloud.

Pure DWTS Season 12 – How Does Or Will The Zodiac Effect Our Dancing Couples For Finals?

From little on, I’ve always been fascinated with Astrology. So, I thought I’d study up on our remaining couples and see if we could get a hint for what’s to come if we were to base the upcoming Finals on their Zodiac signs and unions. Before you read on, keep in mind other influences could be working in their charts (time of birth, life’s successes and struggles, how a person was raised, etc) which could zap anything I might have gathered up below. lol Also, just a side note, that I’m not into forecasting as much as I use Astrology as a ‘tool’ in getting to know people or to better understand them and life’s circumstanes. Below is a reflection of that….just for fun (and not to be taken too seriously).

Maks and Kirstie:

Maks and Kirste are both Capricorns with their birthdays only a few days apart. Kirstie’s birthday is on January 12th while Maks’ birthday is on Jaunary 17th. Capricorns have hard work and organizational ethics and standards for themselves and others. They set their goals high in whatever they do. In fact, they have such a hard work ethic that a vacation to them most often times involves work related projects. They just aren’t happy without work which many don’t understand. But, if you do understand, you are lucky because then you’ve just hit on something magical as Capricorns tend to be one of the most successful, at peace, and happiest of the Zodiac. A Capricorn and Capricorn partnership can be strong since this is a natural understanding for them right from the beginning. Their relationship can go on for a life time never giving up while making their dreams happen. What does this mean for Kirstie and Maks for the Finals? I’m not sure. But, what we do know is these two personalities have broke predictions and boundaries others could not do in self transformation both mentally and physically in such a short time in knowing one another. Not only do we see this in one of them…we see a transformation for the best in EACH of them on Dancing With The Stars.

Kym and Hines:

Kym was born on August 4th. She is a Leo. Hines was born March 8th. He is a Pisces. Leo and Pisces aren’t normally a common union. One is a Water sign while the other is a Fire sign. However, Leo is the king of the Zodiac for a reason. This sign is masterful at leading and taming all the other Zodiac signs. They too have strong work ethics. The most famous leaders in the world have been Leos….with President Obama currently as one of them. Leos are attentive, methodic, theatrical, dramatic, ambitious, creative, noble and magnetic …all the famous and strong qualities we’ve seen in Kym. Pisces are more quiet, imaginative, sensitive, fair, giving, soulful, self sacrificing, and artistic…all the qualities we’ve seen in Hines from his football career, to his charity work, to his role with Kym on Dancing With The Stars. We’ve seen him laugh. We’ve seen him cry. He would have quit the show in order to save Kym’s neck. What does this mean for this couple for Finals on Dancing With The Stars? I don’t know. But, what we do know that these two have been charming and inticing us as a whole all Season long…and what’s more, they’ve been consistant at it and set the bar in class and a sweet genuiness personally too.

Mark and Chelsea:

Mark was born on May 24th which makes him a Gemni. Chelsea was born on September 15th which makes her a Virgo. Gemini are very versatile with their thinking and are on the average easy-going. Though don’t think they can’t get wound up if tested. They have a dual personality which will fight for what they think is right and they can conform to anything they see fit to do. They are also inquisitive, intelligent, inventive, and creative…the latter being very strong characteristics we see in Mark. Virgos, on the other hand, think practical for the most part. They have a need to evaluative, analyze, ask questions, and can be critical. But, they are also industrious, modern, progressive, observing, smart, and are hard workers and perfectionists. Even though these two could conflict in some areas, what these two signs share the most is a wonderful emotional and support magnet for one another when the tough gets going which we’ve seen in both Mark and Chelsea and what we will most likely continue to see in the Finals.

So, what do you think? If you were to base the Finals outcome on these couples Zodiac, who is the dominate pair? Or do you think this is all a bunch of mullarchy? lol

Sources that helped with this post: Horoscopes Love Eu, Horoscopes Within, Linda Goodman’s “Sunsigns” (my favorite astrology book ever!)

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I'm a fashion and music fan....and I have always loved dancing too of any kind. Dancing With The Stars seems to have this way of bringing all of those things together. One of my favorite dancing quotes at the moment: "No matter what, nobody can take away the dance you've already had...." ~Gleb Savchenko . For fun music and dance mixes, visit WilUnleashed Soundcloud.

DWTS12 Week 7 Search Engine Round-Up

So last night, John & Heidi taught me how to check the site stats and see what the top search terms were for the site this week.  And boy – is it interesting just what you kids are wanting to know :-) So as a new feature, I’m going to go through top search terms at PureDWTS and answer your burning questions – and also some not-so-burning ones that I just find amusing 😉 So just what did you guys want to know about this week?…

Is Hines Ward married?

This was the top searched term for the site this week – and it only cropped up yesterday, after the story broke about Hines & a lady friend getting handcuffed under suspicion of grand theft auto. Unfortunately, the answer to this question seems murky at best.  First I tried searching for a marriage license or a divorce decree in Fulton county, GA (Hines’ county of residence), and it did show some public records for Hines, but I didn’t feel like shelling out the $19.95 fee to see them in their entirety…sorry guys 😉 So I had to go the gossip route on this one. According to Player Wives (which I would take with a grain of salt), he was allegedly married at some point to Simone Ward, the mother of his son Jaden.  However, rumors started swirling of their separation back in late 2008, after Hines was spotted spending some time with another lady.  That same article references a claim from Gossip Online (which of course I cannot find) that they’ve either been separated or divorced for at least a year now. So due to the lack of mainstream speculation about whether Hines was creeping around on wifey, I would venture a guess that they are probably no longer romantically involved, at the very least.  We all know that the gossip mags would just jump on that one if they thought they had something solid to go on 😉 But I must say – Simone is quite striking.  Very pretty lady.

Mark Ballas hand gesture/obscene gesture/rude gesture

 I don’t know why I find this slightly funny, but I do :-) Maybe it’s just funny out of context. Anywho…this one was discussed at length by our readers in the comments section of Vogue’s post about whether Mark & Chelsea’s risk-taking was hurting their chances of winning. Many believed it was obscene; others insisted it was benign.  According to Mark’s mom Shirley’s Facebook, it was meant to be a “rolling the dice” gesture for a risky paso. Tom Bergeron also weighed in on the gesture in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, and of course added his own brand of Tom humor to the explanation :-) The official word: it was meant to be “rolling the dice”.  The Courtney opinion? Glad it wasn’t obscene after all, but maybe next time don’t pick a gesture that could be so easily misinterpreted within context.

Chantal Sutherland

This one definitely came out of left-field – we first reported that jockey Chantal was a possible contestant for season 11 back in August of last year. Obviously, that has yet to materialize into anything solid.  So I’m wondering if horse racing fans just have Chantal on the brain, with the Kentucky Derby upon us…or maybe you guys know something we don’t? 😉

Dial Idol

I’m hoping & praying that you guys are searching this in order to find my post that explains why Dial Idol doesn’t work for DWTS, because as of last week this has been declared a 4-letter word here at PureDWTS 😉 If so, please – feel free to refer any renegade believers freaking out over so-and-so being in the bottom on that blasted site to my post to show them they probably shouldn’t put too much stock in what it says 😀 Once again, if it just happens to be correct – pure coincidence.  Not a genius prediction. 

DWTS Music List

Glad you guys come to us for the rundown on the tunes you’ve heard on the show 😉 As always, you can find all the music from the show right here, or by clicking on the “DWTS Music” link on the top right-hand side of the page. John usually posts each week’s music on Monday after the show wraps in the Mountain time zone.

How old is Shirley Ballas?

The answer: cougar :-) Just kidding! According to Shirley’s facebook page, she was born in 1960…and I know for a fact that she’s a Virgo (long story short – Corky jokingly blames their divorce on her zodiac sign), so she hasn’t had her birthday yet this year…so Shirley is 50.  And looks fabulous! :-)

Mark Ballas girlfriend

*sigh* Seriously guys? You’re gonna make me utter not one, but TWO forbidden words in one post? 😛 Alright, just this once…for those of you who have either been living under a rock or are fortunate enough to NOT have the ground-breaking Mark & Pia performance on last week’s results show rammed down your throat, Mark has allegedly (and I say allegedly because they both have elected to be uber-coy about the whole thing, despite some pretty incriminating media coverage *eye roll*) been spending some quality time with ousted Idol contestant Pia Toscano. She was in the audience next to Corky on Monday night’s show this week.  Alright, no more P-word. 😉 Man, you guys really had Ballas on the brain this week!

Louis Van Amstel boyfriend

Ooh…this is a tough one.  He publicly admitted having one on the Chelsea Lately show in 2009, and allegedly pointed him out in the audience on the Ellen show, but of course, I can’t find a clip.  But hey, he’s a pretty enthusiastic (and verbose) Tweeter…what’s to say he won’t spill the beans if you ask nicely? 😉

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Ultrasound sales specialist by day, semi-knowledgeable DWTS fan by night...with a smattering of hair & makeup enthusiast, occasional model, and crazy cat lady peppered in to make things REALLY interesting ;-) I might pee my pants in happiness if Donnie Wahlberg ever does DWTS - or if they ever use "Sunglasses at Night" as a paso doble. Check out some of my other work at!