DWTS13, Week 5 – Courtney & Heidi Sing the 80s

Now that we’ve got your attention ;-), sorry to burst your bubble – but Heidi & I will not actually be singing the 80s. Sowwwwy ­čśŤ But since we fancy ourselves 80s music enthusiasts (Heidi lived through all of them, and I lived through half…and I also got a big refresher during my Greek years in college), we thought we’d sit down and kick around a few ideas about what we can expect to see next week in the way of music, costuming, gimmicks, etc. Cause let’s face it: the 80s were effin’ RAD. 8) For those of you not fortunate enough to experience the decade of excess, please do the following before reading through this 80s primer: go watch Pretty in Pink & The Wedding Singer; run to the beauty supply store and pick up a crimping iron, a teasing comb, and some Aquanet; rent a Delorean for the weekend; and practice your moonwalk. Done that? Cowabunga!!! Read on…

Courtney: Not gonna lie: I am all kinds of pumped for this theme week ­čśÇ Seriously, I’m gonna be like a kid on Christmas morning come Monday…I <3 the 80s! Ok, I think it’s safe to say that crimped & teased hair, scrunchies, acid-wash jeans, neon-rimmed sunglasses, parachute pants, and anything Michael Jackson-inspired are going to be par for the course next week.┬á Man, Mark would have had a costumegasm if he & Kristin had stuck around till next week! Oh, just think of the cheese…now I kinda wish that goober was still around ­čÖü

Heidi: Since when has Mark needed an 80’s theme in order to dress cray cray?? ­čÖé ┬áSeriously though, Hope has Tango to a Bon Jovi song and Len’s been mean to her. I forsee a rocketship to the top of the leaderboard for her. ┬áBut which Bon Jovi?? You Give Love A Bad Name?? ┬áThat sounds like a Tango to me. ┬áSounds like a sure thing to me. ┬áDidn’t Derek choreograph a team dance to that song?? Or was it a similar one? ┬á Anyway, just spare me from anything by Christopher Cross. Yuck. Read more..