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DWTS 16 Pros: Food for Thought – Did Maks Try to “Pull an Edyta”?

I know we’re all still reeling from the whiplash of Pro Watch – old pros are sitting this one out, entirely new pros are being brought in, troupe members are getting promoted, and the status of some pros seems to change from “out” to “in” and back again on a daily basis.  The general question on everyone’s lip: “WTF is going on at DWTS??!!!”

While I don’t have a ton of insider info about what’s going on with the casting (even the insiders seem to be somewhat in the dark this season!), I do have a theory or two, and some knowledge of previous seasons to help back up said theories – and I’m about to share one with you that may or may not put things in perspective, and may or may not help ease your concerns…but it’s one that at least makes some sense, given what we’ve seen unfolding the past week or so and what we know of previous seasons.  Take it with a biiiiig grain of salt, as I’m not 100% confident in the veracity of some of the claims made in it.  And Maks fans of the hypersensitive persuasion should probably just stop reading right now.  :-)

First, let’s go back in time to about 2.5 years ago – the week or so leading up to the season 11 cast annoucement.  Lacey had tweeted something cranky (and characteristically “Lacey”) about not being part of that season’s cast, and we were led to believe that she would be sitting that season out.  About 36-48 hours later, we were smacked in the face by the news that Edyta had suddenly quit DWTS, and Lacey was then excitedly tweeting that she was back in as one of the pros.  What happened??? Allegedly (and I’m using this as a precaution, as the info I’m about to share has been culled from multiple sources – some more credible than others, and not all of it matches up), Edyta had tried leveraging in her negotiations with TPTB – some think she was upset that her husband Alec wasn’t getting asked back as a pro, some say she was upset about the partner she got (which confuses me – read on), some say she was holding out for more $$$, who knows.  Whatever it was, I guess Edyta tried to throw her weight around as the longest-tenured pro on the show (at the time) and gave the producers an ultimatum: “You give me [insert demand here] or I quit.” To which the producers replied, “K, bye then!” I’m guessing Edyta wasn’t expecting them to call her bluff, and she also doesn’t strike me as the type who will swallow their pride easily, so of course, she had to follow through on her promise, and out she went. Read more..

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Paris Hilton Has Turned Down Dancing With The Stars??

The Celebrity Cafe is reporting Paris Hilton has turned down an offer to dance on Dancing With The Stars and Celebrity Apprentice. Check out her reason below for how there are people she doesn’t want to be associated with. Geez, is there an ego there much? :?

“I’ve been approached every season by both of those shows but I would never do them,” Hilton said to the Windy City Times. “I like doing my own show. I wouldn’t want to be with a bunch of other people on a show who I don’t know.”

What about your BFF show? You didn’t know those people, either. We’re calling your bluff, Hilton!

Some of the people on those shows I really wouldn’t want to be associated with. But, I love Donald Trump. He’s been a great family friend of mine for a long time so I love his show. But the dancing show I wouldn’t ever do,” she explained.

Are you sure it’s not just because of your two left feet, Paris?

I’m betting she can’t dance too! Sad because I would have been in favor of seeing her on the show, but, not with an attitude like that??

Heidi: “People she wouldn’t want to associate with” but she loves Donald Trump? It’s confirmed she’s a moron, then. I’m very curious about who she wouldn’t want to associate with. People with TALENT? People who can dance? People who actually WORK for a living? Someone clue me in. Me thinks Ms. Bimbo is terrified she’d be the first one voted off, hence blowing her OWN sense of self worth to smithereens. :-) Or maybe she just realizes that she would no longer be the prettiest, hottest or most popular girl in the room. Far from it, most likely.

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I'm a fashion and music fan....and I have always loved dancing too of any kind. Dancing With The Stars seems to have this way of bringing all of those things together. One of my favorite dancing quotes at the moment: "No matter what, nobody can take away the dance you've already had...." ~Gleb Savchenko . For fun music and dance mixes, visit WilUnleashed Soundcloud.