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PureDWTS Season 21 POLL: Who Do You Think the New Judge Will Be?

DWTSGossip dropped this interesting tidbit yesterday:


Which seems to point to Len finally bowing out as head judge, and some new blood being brought in to round out the panel.  All signs seem to point to a male judge (not sure I could handle a panel of Carrie Ann “I Score with My Vagina, Not My Brain” Inaba, Bruno the Flamboyant, and Julianne, who can be a bit hit-or-miss), and a lot of folks seem to think it’s Tony – likely because he expressed interest in the position in an interview recently. Others are throwing out Louis & Maks’ names, and yet others are thinking it’s someone different altogether – I fall in the latter, as my gut is telling me that DWTS might borrow from another country’s version of the show and tap Jean Marc Genereaux from Danse avec les Stars in France (and DWTSGossip did mention that he/she had heard that DWTS France “would be involved in some way”).  I think there’s also a possibility that DWTS may try to “borrow” one of the ballroom choreographers from SYTYCD (Jean Marc or Tony Meredith fit the bill), or we might see Corky’s name thrown back in the mix. I do think the new judge will likely be someone who specializes in ballroom, though, as Len’s shoes are big ones to fill in terms of ballroom experience.

So assuming all of this is true – who do you guys think the new judge might be, and why? Tell us in the poll and the comments!

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TMZ Reports Julianne Hough Returning To Judge DWTS, Maks Chmerkovskiy Upset Didn’t Get The Job

Who knows if this news is true or not? Though note how TMZ has been a good source for Dancing With The Stars pre-season rumors for several years. Read on for more….

Sources connected with the show tell us … they’ve made an offer to Julianne to become the 4th judge … the other 3 are coming back. We’re told the 2 sides are in negotiations and are expected to make the deal.

Julianne left the show years ago to pursue an acting and singing career, but it’s been rough going … particularly “Rock of Ages” and “Footloose.” We’re told her commitment to DWTS is only a couple of hours a week, so she’ll still pursue acting.

And there’s this … our sources say Maksim Chmerkovskiy wanted the judging gig and wanted it BADLY … and he’s really pissed he didn’t get it and has made it known to producers.

I hope this is true. I love Julianne and I’m an even BIGGER fan after the Move Live on Tour! I’m also glad the three regular judges will be back.

ETA: Heidi here…TMZ has updated the story and removed the bit about Maks. I think someone made a phone call – perhaps Maks will still get his shot at a guest judging moment. But maybe not. Who knows?

ETA2: “Sources” talk to E News on Julianne and if she’s coming on as a 4th judge. Apparently, she hasn’t signed on…yet. A rep for ABC won’t comment. More below and at this link.

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