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DWTS17 Watchouts And Non-Watchouts: Gabby Douglas, Ross Lynch, Todd Carey, Teri Hatcher?

Things are really heating up now, aren’t they?!! To keep your dancing blood flowing even further (lol), below are a few more names to throw out there in the “campaigning/wondering about/watch out and non-watch out” categories!!

First of all, a week or so back, PureDWTS reader Jake was reporting in comments that he had read Teri Hatcher may be dancing in the UK version of Dancing With The Stars. We found this link that confirmed the rumor at the Daily Star. However, Jake also wrote that The Sun was reporting that Teri may switch and dance in the US version of Dancing With The Stars instead. Well, we can put both of those rumors now to rest. In this tweet recently, Teri wrote that as much as she loves it, she wouldn’t be doing “any dancing competition”.

We are also hearing some rumblings about Olympian Gabby Douglas! We couldn’t find a lot to support this rumor except that there is some twitter campaigning and news that she recently moved to Los Angeles. She was also seen in the audience last season supporting Aly Raisman. Also, take a look at this interview at Access Hollywood from last May. She said she could see herself dancing on Dancing With The Stars, but, wouldn’t do the show until after the 2016 Olympics since she wants to concentrate on her training. So, has she changed her mind since then? Also, would TPTB ask her to dance after already having two gymnasts dance in two seasons in a row?

We also can’t forget how Gabby was part of the Fierce 5 in the Dancing With The Stars All Star Season in an explosive performance with Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough. Afterwards, she said this when asked if she’d dance on Dancing With The Stars. Note how fellow gymnast McKayla Maroney said practically the same.

“Definitely! I love the dynamic of being paired with a partner, just having so much behind the scenes, backstage, and just going out there performing for the fans and the crowd. Why not?”

Gabby is also a yogurt spokesperson as a few of you have mentioned in comments which supports this recent rumor. Now I’m starting to think there is more to support the idea of her dancing on the show this season than I first thought? 😯 ❓

Another huge campaign taking place since June is for Ross Lynch to dance on Dancing With The Stars!! In case you don’t know, Ross is best known for portraying Austin Moon on the Disney Channel television series “Austin & Ally”. According to wiki, he can sign, act, and dance. What’s more, he is Derek Hough’s cousin and was briefly mentioned in a new Access Hollywood with Derek Hough yesterday. I wasn’t even going to mention Ross until this mention which got my curiosity up. That and the fact that TPTB loves to push Disney stars. What a doll he is too. I’d be totally open to this one.

Lastly, @DWTSgossip wrote to us about singer Todd Carey and how he’s following some Dancing With The Stars twitter accounts. If you go to his twitter account, you’ll see that he’s following several fan accounts as well as Dancing With The Stars judge Carrie Anne Inaba and pro dancer Sasha Farber. Also, @DWTSgossip reports that she only noticed this because he followed her and then un-followed her which in turn raised her suspicions. Was this just something random or has he been asked or is he interested in dancing? Or maybe it means nothing at all and he’s just a fan to the show. Hmmm, one thing is for sure….he is a cutie and time will soon tell. 😀

Let’s see what Court thinks and you let us know what you think too…..

Courtney: Not gonna lie – had never heard of Ross Lynch or Todd Carey prior to reading this post.  So I guess I don’t really have on opinion on those two…except that if they do cast this Ross guy and he does well, you know there’s going to be accusations of “He’s getting pimped because he’s Derek’s cousin, everything is always Derek’s fault, blah blah blah”.  So for that reason alone, I hope he DOESN’T get cast this season – would just be another kink in the chain that makes our blogging lives more difficult as we deal with the trolls.  As for Gabby – she’d be a great get (and I remember thinking last season, as Aly just bored me to tears, “Really wish they had gotten Gabby instead…”), but I think gymnasts 3 seasons in a row might be a bit much…gymnasts might become the new NFL stars on DWTS, and illicit grumbles of “I’m tired of gymnasts! Get some other athletes!” Yes, I do find my opinions on who gets cast these days very much colored by how much whining I expect to hear here at Pure about them 😛 Teri would be fun to watch, but like Jamie Lee Curtis (who would also be a GREAT get), I think she’s someone that enjoys the show, but is just content to watch it at home, as opposed to participating in it herself.

August 23, 2013 I Written By

I'm a fashion and music fan....and I have always loved dancing too of any kind. Dancing With The Stars seems to have this way of bringing all of those things together. One of my favorite dancing quotes at the moment: "No matter what, nobody can take away the dance you've already had...." ~Gleb Savchenko . To view my photography site, see Lisa Kay Photography.

Inside DWTS Source Says Ryan Lochte And Michael Phelps Welcome In The Ballroom

It’s hard to even think about the next season of Dancing With The Stars, but, there are several stories on several Olympians who have expressed they may want to dance on Dancing With The Stars. First, there is Ryan Lochte. Below is an interview with Today. Check out how Ryan would like to continue the rivalry with Michael Phelps on the dance floor. There is nothing in the works yet, but, an inside source to the show said Ryan and Michael are welcomed in the ballroom. More in detail below and at the link….

Even better would be a ballroom win over his teammate and pal Michael Phelps, whom Lochte said he’d like to dance against. “I mean since I am so used to competing against Michael Phelps, yeah, I’d have him on the show,” he told reporters, according to iVillage. And he’d be fine paired with any of the female pros, as Sports Illustrated reported, because all of them are quite lovely. (Might we suggest the uber-fun Lacey Schwimmer as his perfect match?)

Though Lochte has expressed interested in participating in “Dancing,” it sounds like producers haven’t made a move to invite him to join in an upcoming season yet. But that doesn’t mean “DWTS” won’t be extending an invite eventually.

“Nothing is in the works yet,” a show source told, “but rest assured, either (Lochte or Phelps) — or even better, both of them — would be welcome in the ballroom.”

Also, Michael Phelps told US Weekly, he’d be interesting in dancing as well….

At the OMEGA House “Spotlight On Swimming” event in London August 7, the 27-year-old athlete spoke with Us Weekly about possibly following in the footsteps of fellow U.S. Olympians Natalie Coughlin, 29, ApoloAnton Ohno, 30, and ShawnJohnson, 20, by competing on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars.

“I haven’t really been known for my dancing. I know everyone who’s done it — I’ve talked to Apolo and Natalie about it, and they said they’ve enjoyed it and had a blast,” Phelps said. “I won’t say I’m ruling anything out, who knows?”

If he could choose a female swimmer to be his partner (instead of a pro dancer like Karina Smirnoff, 34, or Cheryl Burke, 28), Phelps would pick Coughlin, who finished in 10th place in Season 9. “She’s gone through it all before and Natalie and I have been on a lot of teams together,” Phelps explained. “She literally couldn’t stop talking about how much fun the show was.”

Hmmm?? Also, Missy Franklin has also expressed interest in dancing during an interview with Access Hollywood.

This fall, “Dancing with the Stars” ushers in its All-Star edition, but when they’re looking for new contenders again, Missy wants to sign up.

“I do want to do it. I would love to go on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ but, we’ll see how it works out with school and if I go pro and all those crazy things you have to worry about, but hopefully someday I would love to be on that show,” she said.

Wow, they’d all be cool to see dance. What do you think?

Thanks to Lori and Sandy for helping with this news!!xxx

August 8, 2012 I Written By

I'm a fashion and music fan....and I have always loved dancing too of any kind. Dancing With The Stars seems to have this way of bringing all of those things together. One of my favorite dancing quotes at the moment: "No matter what, nobody can take away the dance you've already had...." ~Gleb Savchenko . To view my photography site, see Lisa Kay Photography.

Louie Vito Makes US Olympic Snowboard Halfpipe Team

Dancing with the Stars’ own Louie Vito just made the US Olympic Snowboard Halfpipe team. Congrats to Louie. Here’s a part of the news from his website:

Louie Vito has qualified for the US Olympic Snowboard Halfpipe Team on January 23rd in Park City, UT. Vito finished with 800 points on the season after having secured two 2nd place finishes at the Copper and Mammoth Grand Prix stops.

“When I get to Vancouver, I want it to be an experience and really take it all in”, said Vito of his Olympic opportunity. “You know, it’s a once in a lifetime chance and I want to do well and put down a good run, but I just really want to take it all in and enjoy it, and have fun.”

Too bad this Olympic fame wasn’t before Dancing with the Stars. Would have gotten him some more votes. I can’t wait to see him represent the US in the Olympics.

January 29, 2010 I Written By

Better known as Charlie.