It’s pretty rare on Pure DWTS that we bring up anything even related to politics (except when a politician is on the show I guess). We try to keep a laser focus on all things DWTS. However, none of us at Pure DWTS can resist not talking about the issue known as SOPA and PIPA. This is legislation that’s going through Congress and the House that has terrible consequences.

Rather than try and explain all the details of this terribly misguided sloppy legislation (although Courtney started down this road), it’s probably more compelling to just keep it simple and point to a few major websites that are blacking out their websites today in order to #StopSOPA and #StopPIPA.

Here are a few and we can add more if you’re interested since there are thousands:

Also, I think this video provides a basic overview of how messed up SOPA and PIPA are:

You’ll also notice that we blacked out the Pure DWTS logo and Twitter avatars in support of this effort as well. Some out there will argue that SOPA and PIPA are aimed at protecting copyright. We’re all for efforts to protect copyright holders. We have people steal the content from Pure DWTS all the time. However, SOPA and PIPA do little to stop any copyright infringers and have potentially disastrous consequences.

Don’t take our word for it though, check it out yourself and if you agree, let your congressman know.