DWTS Season 14 – Who’s Dancing With Who?? The CAST ANNOUNCEMENT!!

It’s that time again! Time for Heidi to guess who’s dancing with who, based on nothing more than heights and imagination. ūüôā ¬†We are putting up posts so fast and furious that I can’t leave anything stuck to the front page for very long, so if you’re looking for Rumor Round Up and/or Pro Watch, just click the links to go back to those posts. ūüôā

This season it’s much harder, because we don’t know who’s dancing yet in terms of celebs and we’ll find out all at one time (celebs and partners) on Tuesday. ¬†They are trying to rob me of my usual guessing game. ūüôā So, I’m going to guess based on the celebs we’re reasonably sure about and then if we get more info, I’ll fill it in.

THIS IS THE POST WHERE I’LL PUT THE CAST ANNOUNCEMENT!!!¬† Watch this space!! ¬†I updated the title, so you have to update your bookmarks, so be aware. ūüôā

Court’s Notes, part I: Lots of stalling (surprise, surprise).¬† So far I’ve seen Cheryl, Derek, Peta, & Tristan lurking around the theater.¬† Tristan just found out who his partner was about 20 minutes ago.¬† The list of celebs is in a ridiculous sparkly purple envelope ūüėõ

Court’s Notes, part II: I must really love you guys, because I just switched over from the HD channel to the regular one to minimize any delays in my feed.¬† You’re welcome. ūüėõ

Court’s Notes, part III: Even GMA is hopping on the “Will Maks be back???” bandwagon…ugh.¬† Annoying.¬† They’re promising the announcement is coming right after this commercial break, though…stand by…

Court’s Notes, part IV: This season’s celebs are: Jack Wagner, Melissa Gilbert, Donald Driver, William Levy, Sherri Shepherd, Katherine Jenkins, Gavin DeGraw, Martina Navratilova, Roshon Fagen, Maria Menounos, Jaleel White, & GLADYS KNIGHT!!!! And no, they haven’t announced who their partners are, yet. Patience ūüôā

Court’s Notes, part V: Banter with the celebs…Melissa was apparently petrified at first, but is a little better now; Robin thinks Jaleel will be a force to be reckoned with (I agree); and Sherri says she’s “scared to death” and “needs Barbara Walters!”

Court’s Notes, part VI: All partners posted.¬† Looks like Gladys was the last-minute addition.¬† Tristan thinks they’re “gonna have¬†a blast”.

Court’s Notes, part VII: Sherri’s biggest fear “besides being old” (lol), is having a bad memory – she’s afraid of forgetting her choreography.¬† Donald deliberately didn’t tell any of his teammates about the show “because some of them have big mouths”.¬† Everyone seems very intimidated by Jaleel & think he’s gonna be a staunch competitor…I agree.¬† Even the way he walked out on the stage was charismatic! ūüėé

Who’s Dancing With Who?? (The Reality)

Celebrity Celeb Height Pro Height Pro Dancer
¬†Melissa Gilbert ¬†5’3″ 6ft. 2in. Maksim
¬†Maria Menounos ¬†5’8″ 5ft. 10in. Derek
¬†Katherine Jenkins ¬†5’5″ 5ft. 8in. Mark
¬†Martina Navratilova ¬†5’8″ 6ft. 1in. Tony
¬†Sherri Shepherd ¬†5’1″ 5ft. 10in. Val
¬†Gladys Knight ¬†5’3.5″ 5ft. 11in. Tristan
¬†Jaleel White ¬†5’10.5″ 5ft. 7in. Kym
¬†William Levy ¬†6’1″ 5ft. 4in. Cheryl
¬†Gavin DeGraw ¬†5’11” 5ft. 5in. Karina
¬†Jack Wagner ¬†5’11.5″ 5ft. 4in. Anna
¬†Roshon Fagen ¬†5’8″ 5ft. 2in. Chelsie
¬†Donald Driver ¬†6’0″ 5ft. 7in. Peta




Who’s Dancing With Who?? (Heidi’s Guesses)

Celebrity Celeb Height Pro Height Pro Dancer
    6ft. 2in. Maksim
 Melissa Gilbert 5ft. 3in. 5ft. 10in. Derek
    5ft. 8in. Mark
 Annika Sorenstam 5ft. 6in. 6ft. 1in. Tony
 Sherri Shepherd 5ft. 1in. 5ft. 10in. Val
 Maria Menounos 5ft. 8in. 5ft. 11in. Tristan
 Jack Wagner 5ft. 11.5in 5ft. 7in. Kym
    5ft. 4in. Cheryl
 Gavin Degraw 5ft. 11in. 5ft. 5in. Karina
    5ft. 4in. Anna
 Darnell Robinson ?? 5ft. 2in. Chelsie
 Vince Young (?) 6ft. 5in. 5ft. 7in. Peta