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DWTS Kym Johnson Attends SAG Foundation’s “Dancer’s Forum: The Evolving World of Dance” (Photos, Video)

Looking so beautiful as always!!! Thursday night, pro dancer Kym Johnson attended the Screen Actors Guild Foundation’s “Dancer’s Forum: The Evolving World of Dance” in Los Angeles, California. Nigel Lythgoe, Adam Shankman, Allison Holker, tWitch, and more dancers and celebs also attended and took part in the event. Kym looks so adorable in a two piece black dress. Such a breath of fresh air! I miss her, do you? You can view some fun photos of her at Getty Images. Below is a stream of the event! Thanks to @DWTSgossip for this find…

July 26, 2013 I Written By

I'm a fashion and music fan....and I have always loved dancing too of any kind. Dancing With The Stars seems to have this way of bringing all of those things together. One of my favorite dancing quotes at the moment: "No matter what, nobody can take away the dance you've already had...." ~Gleb Savchenko . For fun music and dance mixes, visit WilUnleashed Soundcloud.

GMA Notice And Entertainment Announced For Dancing With The Stars Season 14 Week 3

According to ABC Medianet, the entertainment for Tuesday night’s results show is Grammy Award winning music artist Seal and Country Group Rascal Flatts. Also on tap is a “Macy’s Stars of Dance” performance which will include Kenny Wormald, Twitch, and Travis Wall and more. There will be “AT& T Spotlight Performance” with Jonathan Roberts and Anna Trebunskaya. Below are more fun details. Note how Tony Dovolani will be back to dance as well…

“Episode 1403 & 1403 A” – This week’s episode of “Dancing with the Stars,” themed “The Most Memorable Year of My Life,” challenges the remaining eleven couples to perform a meaningful dance using any style dance of their choice, MONDAY, APRIL 2 (8:00-10:01 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

On Tuesday, acclaimed singer and songwriter Seal returns to the ballroom performing “Lean On Me” from his latest album “Soul 2.” His soulful performance will be accompanied by four members of the Troupe. Also hitting the stage is best-selling country vocal group, Rascal Flatts, with a network TV debut performance of “Changed,” the title of their new album due out April 3rd. Their performance is accompanied by pro dancer Tony Dovolani and Troupe member Sharna Burgess on TUESDAY, APRIL 3 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

Also during Tuesday’s show we have the season’s first “Macy’s Stars of Dance,” with an all- star dance number featuring some of Hollywood’s most prominent and talented male dancers from film and TV, including Kenny Wormald (“Footloose”), Twitch (“Step Up 3D” and “Step Up 4″), Travis Wall and many others. The exciting performance will be accompanied by one of the worlds most sought after horn trios, Grooveline Horns, who will be performing their composition “Copchase.” This spectacular performance is choreographed by Misha Gabriel and Nick Bass who’ve shared the stage and screen with artists like Michael Jackson, Prince, Britney Spears, Beyonce and many more. Tuesday’s show also welcomes the season’s first “AT&T Spotlight Performance” which will feature Julia Ivleva’s inspirational story. Julia is a world-class professional ballroom dancer who has recently been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. Her good friends Jonathan Roberts and Anna Trebunskaya will be dancing a powerfully emotional number in a special tribute to Julia and the fight against cancer.

Also from ABC Medianet, Good Morning America will have a special segment for Dancing With The Stars for “all the behind-the-scenes secrets”. Not sure, but, this might be why Katie Couric was at the show last Monday night as we reported to you here last night. So be sure to watch Good Morning America on Monday. We’ll be sure to post the footage as soon as we can as well.

March 30, 2012 I Written By

I'm a fashion and music fan....and I have always loved dancing too of any kind. Dancing With The Stars seems to have this way of bringing all of those things together. One of my favorite dancing quotes at the moment: "No matter what, nobody can take away the dance you've already had...." ~Gleb Savchenko . For fun music and dance mixes, visit WilUnleashed Soundcloud.

PureDWTS Ask Courtney: Why Do Ladies Have to Wear Heels For Ballroom/Latin?

I confess: no one specifically asked this question, but some of you may have noticed that tend to get bit irritated whenever a female celeb or pro on the show opts to forgo the traditional heels in favor of boots, sneakers, or going barefoot.  I thought I’d explain just why I get my knickers in such a twist over it :-)

There are two primary reasons why heels are worn in both the Latin & ballroom dances: the first is aesthetic, and the other is technical. Aesthetically, the shoes are worn to give the the women’s legs a long, lean appearance – the neutral flesh tone of the fabric blends nicely with the skin, giving a nice, long, unbroken line; the heels themselves of course make the women look taller, which in turn enhances the illusion of long legs.  You may have noticed that the women on the show don’t often wear colored dance shoes – that’s because a color that contrasts with the skin tends to “chop off” those nice long lines, and make the women’s legs look shorter.  Why is it so important to have long legs? Because the longer your legs are, the nicer your lines are going to look, and the better technique you’re going to show – and the happier the judges are. :-)

From a technical aspect, the shoes actually help to ensure that the ladies are using the proper technique in their dances.  Remember my post about heel & toe leads? Well the shoes that the ladies wear for Latin are specially balanced so that the ladies’ body weight is shifted over her toes – and remember, all the Latin dances move forward (and backward) with a toe lead.  The ballroom shoes tend to keep the ladies’ body weight balanced evenly on her heels & toes, much like normal shoes, as all the steps in the ballroom dances move forward on the heel and backward on the toe – just like normal walking.  The shoes alone can’t guarantee that a dancer will always have the right technique – but they certainly do help!

So let’s say a woman *cough*Lacey*cough* decides to forgo wearing the proper shoes while dancing, and instead wears something more flat-footed, like boots.  In the Latin dances, it’s probably going to result in her legs looking very short & stubby, and her lines not as impressive.  Case in point: Lance & Lacey’s cha-cha in season 7:

Or, in Hope’s case this past season, those boots just gave her a complete lack of hip action, and resulted in a very flat, boring rumba:

 The effect is a bit less noticeable in the ballroom dances, since they move so similarly to natural walking movement, and I can’t really think of a time on the show that someone has danced a ballroom dance barefoot.  However, I do remember Twitch & Kherington’s Viennese waltz routine from season 4 of SYTYCD, and I remember not being wild about them doing it barefoot, as it just looked somewhat “unfinished” and more like contemporary than real ballroom:

 So there you have it – you be the judge.  I personally think that all ballroom & Latin dances should be done in the proper footwear, and it’s only (semi)acceptable to go barefoot if you’re a pro doing a contemporary-ish pro dance.  But what do you guys think? :-)

February 15, 2012 I Written By

Ultrasound sales specialist by day, semi-knowledgeable DWTS fan by night...with a smattering of hair & makeup enthusiast, occasional model, and crazy cat lady peppered in to make things REALLY interesting ;-) I might pee my pants in happiness if Donnie Wahlberg ever does DWTS - or if they ever use "Sunglasses at Night" as a paso doble. Check out some of my other work at!