Marie Osmond to Continue on Dancing with the Stars and Oprah

I’m sure that most of you have heard of the passing of Marie’s father at 90 years of age. It’s a sad even to hit the Osmond’s and another sad moment for a Dancing with the Stars performer.

Amidst the sadness, I’ve read reports that Marie Osmond will stay on Dancing with the Stars despite her father’s death. It’s also being reported that Marie will still be appearing on Oprah with the rest of the Osmond family. My wife confirmed this today when she saw a video on the news of the entire Osmond family getting on a plane in Provo, UT to fly out to be on Oprah. My wife watched to see if we could see her old roommate, whom we affectionately call Big One, but didn’t see her getting on the plane. I think we might have to place a call and see if she made it on Oprah. My wife said the special Osmond episode of Oprah is scheduled to play Friday.