Dance War Finale – New Dancing with the Stars Contestants

This week I got an email from someone trying to promote tonight’s Dance War Finale. I’ll take the bait and post the information they sent me. I must admit that I’m glad today is President’s Day holiday so I can be home to see it live. Plus, I’m glad that they’ll be presenting the new contestants for Dancing with the Stars tonight.

Here’s the insider info for Dance War:

Drew Lachey will be singing the opening dance number for the finale episode.

* Contestants practice daily in separate locations by team
* All contestants have individual rooms in their hotel; Room curfew is 11 p.m.
* Unsupervised external field trips are not permitted
* All phone calls, emails and written letters are supervised
* Contestants do not have access to news outlets, television or Internet

Insider Contestant Information to Date:


* Elizabeth and Chris hang out together a lot. Usually spend time in each others room working on routines etc. The two of them have known each other for years. In fact, Chris’s picture was on Elizabeth’s MySpace profile from way back.

* Elizabeth loves Country music. She said that if she’s eliminated before country week she’ll just keep on showing up at the dance studio until that week has finished.
* Sara Evans is Elizabeth’s idol.
* Elizabeth is the flirt of the group. She flirts with everyone (even the producers)
* Elizabeth is doing this show to give back to her adoptive family. This is her thank you.
* She has a huge crush on Jesse Hart (possibility of bringing him to a practice as a surprise)


* Chris has a really serious girlfriend that he doesn’t want anyone to know about.
* Chris hates criticism. His feelings are easily hurt. Often times the others will try to correct him, and he takes it offensively.
* Chris hates school. His biggest fear is being voted off this show and going back to obscurity.
* Biggest ego of the group.
* Follows Elizabeth around like a puppy-dog. He has a huge crush on, but she treats him like a brother.
* He just found out that he made the Dean’s list at Cal State Fullerton and is really excited about it.


* Zack is back on with Julianne Hough from DWTS. However, Elizabeth, Corina, Kelsey, and Charity all have a crush on him. Elizabeth has dreams about dating him.
* Elizabeth, Zack, Mariel and Lacey all take part in a bible study. Zack leads it.


* Charity has never had a boyfriend. She says boys never pay attention to her
* Charity and Lacey go way back. They used to travel and sing together. Lacey used to dance at the dance studio Charity worked at but claims she could never afford taking lessons there.


* Qui’s and Corina used to date.
* Qui’s is obsessed with the Lakers. It’s been really hard for him to be without sports center, and he can’t understand how the other guys in the group could care less.


* Phillip has plans to marry his girlfriend after the show is over. She’s been in Minnesota for the last month, and in and out of the hospital for back surgery. He told me that fame will not change the way he thinks about her. He could care less about any other girls.
* Phillip has written songs about his girlfriend. He wrote the first song the day after they met.
* Philips is afraid of being known as “the hat guy”. In fact, he never wears hats. The hat he wore the first day wasn’t even his. He was just trying to have a better “hip hop look”


* Lacey is annoyed by Kelsey’s cattiness. I’ve seen her roll her eyes at her several times.
* Lacey has a crush on Marqis
* Tony used to be Lacey’s only true friend in the group, but they got in a huge fight during practice the week of 1/14 and he kicked the door on the way out.
* Lacy is very uncomfortable in the group.


* Kelsey is the diva of the group claiming “I’ve never gone this long without shopping in my life” she also spent $400 at Victoria Secret while on one of their shopping excursions.
* Kelsey and Charity have become really close. Often times they leave out both Corina and Elizabeth.
* Kelsey talks about money a lot. She talks about spending money constantly.
* Kelsey flirts with Zack; on 1/17 she was wearing his jacket. Zack was in her room past hours (11 p.m.) He did not speak about Julianne that day. All of the girls make comments that Zack and Kelsey would be good together.
* Kelsey is a huge Diva


* Qui’s and Alyssa do not get along. They bicker constantly
* Alyssa gets on the nerves of the rest of the group


* Everyone loves Bradley; he is the chicken soup of the group. He constantly makes people feel better about themselves.


* Everyone in the group agrees Tony is the best dancer. Zack has made comments several times that Tony can win “So you think you can dance”
* Tony and Zack go back and forth making meals for the rest of the group.


* Mariel doesn’t feel as sexy as the other girls. She is the tomboy, and is insecure around the other girls.
* Mariel has opened up more within the last week, and she feels really comfortable around Elizabeth and Lacey.


* The only party kids in the group are Corina, Charity, Kelsey, and Elizabeth. The rest drink rarely or never.
* Lacey and Zack are the group leaders. They go along with the rules, and they don’t question them. The rest of the group is constantly looking for opportunities to stray. Zack is constantly motivating the group.
* The guys love Kim Kardashian as a whole; are not at all interested in Miley Cyrus