New Celebrities on Dancing with the Stars

They announced the next cast of stars for Dancing with the Stars. A pretty interesting group of celebrities. Should be pretty interesting to watch as usual. The other interesting thing will be to find out who gets paired with who. I think that America has fallen in love with the professional dancers almost as much as the stars they dance with.

Anyway, here’s the list of stars on the next season of Dancing with the Stars:

Marlee Matlin – Oscar winning, deaf actress who has done more in Hollywood than most actors/actresses

Penn Jilette – half of Penn and Teller, the magicians

Marissa Jaret Winokur – from Hairspray, the Broadway Musical

Adam Carolla – radio host, former host of the Man Show

Kristy Yamaguchi – Olympic Gold Medalist, ice skating

Christian De La Fuente – Latin American heart throbe

Monica Seles – Tennis star

Mario – R&B singer, “Let Me Love You”

Steve Guttenberg – Actor

Jason Taylor – Played for the Miami Dolphins

Shanon Elizabeth – Nadia from American Pie

Priscilla Presely – Elvis’s widow, film and TV star

Who’s your favorite?