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One Blogger Thinks Dancing with the Stars Will Be Canceled

I read this a while back and I thought it was so funny I had to share it. Here’s an excerpt of a blogger’s take on Dancing with the Stars:

That is why I have some sad news for you fans out there. It pains me to say that will be the last season of “Dancing With The Stars.” Hey, it’s been a nice run.

So what inside information do I have that this is the final season? None. Did I go to a fortuneteller? Nope. But I do know TV. And I do know about proven theories and guaranteed certainties. The curtain will fall on the show because of the following two words:

Ted McGinley.

I can’t say how wrong I think this blogger is. Dancing with the Stars isn’t going anywhere. Part of the appeal of the show is getting to know new stars and bringing old stars back from the grave so we can laugh at them.

Dancing with the Stars isn’t being canceled any time soon. Although, I do wish that they’d mix the show up just a little bit and allow the professional dancers a little more freedom with their choreography. Only problem is that Len’s heart might not be able to handle that change.

September 27, 2008 I Written By

Better known as Charlie.

Best, Surprise and Worst Dances

Best Couples – Translation: They have a chance of winning (along with possible some of the surprise couples below)
Misty and Maks – Misty looked ok. Her broad shoulders did make the line look different, but I can’t fault her too much for that. Maks is funny. My biggest surprise is that Misty isn’t more out there on the show. Her partner often describes her as a ham, but we haven’t really seen much of that on the show. Luckily Misty is tremendously popular.
Cody and Julianne – This couple should be called Dancing with the Stars since Julianne could be more of a star than Cody. Either way, this is a powerful duo with a nice fan following. Plus, Julianne really makes almost any dancer look better.
Lance and Lacey – Lacey is popular from So You Think You Can Dance and boy band fans seem to turn out well in the voting. Oh yeah, plus their dancing is pretty nice too. Only question is whether Lacey’s choreography will get them in trouble with the judges and cause them to lose prematurely.

Surprise Couples – Translation: I’m amazed they did so well
Warren and Kym – I honestly thought that Kim was screwed being with Warren and I thought he’d be a horrible dancer. I was wrong. I stand corrected. He’s pretty good. Maybe it was those ballet classes I hear football players like to take to make them “light on their feet.” Only problem is that Warren played d-line. I don’t think d-line takes ballet. That’s for running backs like Emmitt Smith.
Derek and Brooke – I’m really surprised that Brooke is as good a dancer as she is. The problem is that she’ll really need those good dancing scores. Only problem is that it will catch up to her at the end where everyone is getting 29s and 30s. I’m not sure Brooke is popular enough to do very well in the voting. Luckily Derek is popular in his own right.

Worst Couples – Translation: Thanks for mostly making fools of yourself for our entertainment
Susan and Tony – Honestly Susan is just hard for me to watch dance. Stiff and nothing to her. She certainly is trying hard, but it’s just not pretty.
Rocca and Karina – I really had hoped that Rocco would be better. His second dance wasn’t bad, but unfortunately he’s not going to las too long.
Cloris and Corky – I’m sad that Cloris’s humor will get her so far on the show. Her dancing makes me want to hit fast forward on the tivo. Her grade as a dancer: F- Her grade as a comedian: A++

Any couples I should have added to one list or the other?

I Written By

Better known as Charlie.