One Blogger Thinks Dancing with the Stars Will Be Canceled

I read this a while back and I thought it was so funny I had to share it. Here’s an excerpt of a blogger’s take on Dancing with the Stars:

That is why I have some sad news for you fans out there. It pains me to say that will be the last season of “Dancing With The Stars.” Hey, it’s been a nice run.

So what inside information do I have that this is the final season? None. Did I go to a fortuneteller? Nope. But I do know TV. And I do know about proven theories and guaranteed certainties. The curtain will fall on the show because of the following two words:

Ted McGinley.

I can’t say how wrong I think this blogger is. Dancing with the Stars isn’t going anywhere. Part of the appeal of the show is getting to know new stars and bringing old stars back from the grave so we can laugh at them.

Dancing with the Stars isn’t being canceled any time soon. Although, I do wish that they’d mix the show up just a little bit and allow the professional dancers a little more freedom with their choreography. Only problem is that Len’s heart might not be able to handle that change.