Misty May Out of Dancing with the Stars

UPDATE: Misty May-Treanor’s reps have released a statement to ET about the Olympic gold-winner’s injury that could affect her stint on “Dancing with the Stars.” Misty’s reps tell us she “sustained an injury on Friday and received immediate medical attention. Despite previous reports, she did not break her ankle. She is resting comfortably at home. Doctors will reevaluate her condition on Monday and determine the outcome of her participation on the show. Source

A number of sources are reporting that Misty May broke her ankle while practicing for Dancing with the Stars. This is really an unfortunate loss. I don’t think Misty May had become nearly what she could have become on the show. She never fully came out of her shell.

Rumors are saying that Keri Walsh (Misty’s volleyball partner) will take her place in the competition with Maks. Something about that idea just doesn’t feel right. I think it would be cool if Keri came for just one dance or something, but to have her replace her entirely isn’t fair to Keri or to the other dancers who have already been sent home.