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Dancing with the Stars Vote – Who’s Going Home Next Week?

Tonight they announced that no one was sent home on DWTS, but that the scores from this week would be carried over to next week. That means we have a pretty good idea that Maurice and Cheryl, Warren and Kym and Brooke and Derek are safe. The rest depends on how well they score next week and how many people vote next week.

The question is which of the other bottom couples will be going home on next week’s dancing with the stars. Remember that votes on Dancing with the Stars seem to count for quite a bit since Cloris was able to make up 4 points on Rocco with fan voting.

I think I’m going make an emotional vote on this Dancing with the Stars poll.

October 7, 2008 I Written By

Better known as Charlie.

No Surprises Tonight – No One Sent Home but Misty

Everyone figured that Dancing with the Stars was going to do the same thing as they did when Sara Evans dropped out. Basically they did. They just revealed that Rocco and Karina were the bottom 2. That too was of no major surprise to anyone watching the show. Of course, I hope that Rocco and Karina can pour it on next week and that Cloris will lay even a worse egg than she did this week. I hope Len digs in and pulls out the 4 paddle we haven’t seen much. Cloris was funny the first show. Now she’s just annoying.

The highlight of the night was Derek and Julianne Hough dancing to Jennifer Hudson singing “Spotlight” Jennifer Hudson - Jennifer Hudson (Bonus Track Version) - Spotlight You can see why Derek and Julianne are so successful. Just fantastic dancers. I’m sure Derek isn’t that fond of dancing with his sister, but I think the audience really enjoyed it. I know I did.

The other musical performance was by Kool and the Gang doing a Greatest Hits Medley. If I have time I’ll put together a list of all the songs they did. For now, here’s Celebration by Kool & the Gang Kool & The Gang - Funk Essentials: Celebration - The Best of Kool & the Gang 1979-1987 - Celebration

All of the couples that I really like our still in the show. Life is good. Next week’s Dancing with the Stars should be awesome since it’s Samba and Tango. Two very wonderful dances to watch.

Dang, I almost forgot. Maks and Edyta did the dance that Misty May was going to do to the song “Shake It” by Metro StationMetro Station - Metro Station - Shake It. Maks’ nerd outfit was spectacularly awful. What a way for him to end his season. I wouldn’t mind teaching Edyta though.

I Written By

Better known as Charlie.