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Download all the Dancing with the Stars Music – Misty May Gone

UPDATE: All of the music from Dancing with the Stars will be posted as soon as possible at that link.

It was a sad day for true Dancing with the Stars fans, because Misty May is injured and no longer on the show. Still a ton of great competitors and we have no clue who is really going to win this year. However, I would have liked to see Misty May finish developing herself on the show. I felt like she never broke out in her dancing.

Ok, Misty May aside, here’s the list of all the Dancing with the Stars music from tonight’s episode of DWTS.

Susan & Tony danced a Jive to the song Why Do Fools Fall in Love sung by Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers
Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers - Doo Wop Classics, Vol. 4 - Why Do Fools Fall In Love
Lance & Lacey danced a Viennese Waltz to the song Let Me Leave sung by Marc Broussard
Marc Broussard - Carencro - Let Me Leave
Maurice & Cheryl danced a Jive to the song Rock Around the Clock sung by Bill Haley & His Comets
Bill Haley & His Comets - Rock Around the Clock - Rock Around the Clock
Rocco & Karina danced a Viennese Waltz to the song What’s New Pussycat? sung by Tom Jones
Tom Jones - 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Tom Jones - What's New Pussycat?
Warren & Kym danced a Viennese Waltz to the song Lovin’ U sung by Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys - Songs In A Minor - Lovin' U
Cody & Julianne danced a Jive to the song Call Me The Breeze sung by Lynyrd Skynyrd
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Second Helping - Call Me the Breeze
Toni & Alec danced a Viennese Waltz to the song Für Elise sung by Ludwig van Beethoven
Ludwig van Beethoven - Brahms' Lullaby and Other Classical Music for Children - Fur Elise
Cloris & Corky danced a Jive to the song The Girl Can’t Help It sung by Little Richard
Little Richard - The Georgia Peach - The Girl Can't Help It
Brooke & Derek danced a Viennese Waltz to the song Daughters sung by John Mayer
John Mayer - Heavier Things - Daughters
John Mayer - Video Triple Play - Daughters – Original Music Video
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October 6, 2008 I Written By

Better known as Charlie.

Derek Hough Gets Hurt During Practice with Brooke Burke

Brooke wrote on her blog about Derek Hough getting hurt while practicing for their Dancing with the Stars performance. Here’s an excerpt of what happened:

It has been an intense weekend, especially yesterday when Derek and I almost found ourselves out of the competition. Saturday, on the CBS stage, we were practicing as usual when Derek accidentally tripped over a box, while walking backwards. As he tried to break his fall, by jumping up, his foot caught a stage light which sent him further into the air. He landed on his back on the wooden dance floor and smashed the back of his head. He was disoriented, blacked out for a few seconds, and was flattened out in pain. He couldn’t move, I sat beside him as he layed there and we waited for help to arrive. Our producers called 911 and the paramedics arrived to carefully examine him. He suffered a neck injury last season which had him down for a week, so the reoccurance was definately scary. They rushed him off, stretcher and all, in the ambulance for further testing in the ER.

Derek hurt himself last season too. Amazing that a dancer with such wonderful precision on the dance floor could be so clumsy. Although, I don’t think I’m one to talk either.

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Better known as Charlie.

Misty May Out of Dancing with the Stars

UPDATE: Misty May-Treanor’s reps have released a statement to ET about the Olympic gold-winner’s injury that could affect her stint on “Dancing with the Stars.” Misty’s reps tell us she “sustained an injury on Friday and received immediate medical attention. Despite previous reports, she did not break her ankle. She is resting comfortably at home. Doctors will reevaluate her condition on Monday and determine the outcome of her participation on the show. Source

A number of sources are reporting that Misty May broke her ankle while practicing for Dancing with the Stars. This is really an unfortunate loss. I don’t think Misty May had become nearly what she could have become on the show. She never fully came out of her shell.

Rumors are saying that Keri Walsh (Misty’s volleyball partner) will take her place in the competition with Maks. Something about that idea just doesn’t feel right. I think it would be cool if Keri came for just one dance or something, but to have her replace her entirely isn’t fair to Keri or to the other dancers who have already been sent home.

October 4, 2008 I Written By

Better known as Charlie.

Jonas Brothers Talk About Dancing with the Stars Performance

In this video, the Jonas Brothers talk about their performance on Dancing with the Stars and about Dancing with the Stars fans being a younger demographic.

October 3, 2008 I Written By

Better known as Charlie.