Songs from Final 5 Dancing with the Stars Couples

5 Couples left on Dancing with the Stars and with 2 dances for each couple this was an intense night of dancing and broad range of music. Also, make sure to check out the songs from the previous Dancing with the Stars.

Cody & Edyta danced a Foxtrot to the song “Call Me Irresponsible”—Jimmy Van Heusen
John Bunch - John Bunch, At the Nola Penthouse, Salutes Jimmy Van Heusen - Call Me Irresponsible
Cody & Edyta danced a Mambo to the song “My Way”—Los Lonely Boys
Los Lonely Boys - Sacred - My Way
Brooke & Derek danced a Tango to the song “Tango Diabolo”—Christa Behnke
Christa Behnke - Allweil lustig, fesch und munter, Folge 3 - Tango Diabolo
Brooke & Derek danced a Mambo to the song “Cuban Mambo”—Xavier Cugat
Xavier Cugat - The Original Latin Dance King - Cuban Mambo
Maurice & Cheryl danced a Quickstep to the song “Puttin’ on the Ritz”—Irving Berlin
Fred Astaire - The Irving Berlin Songbook - Puttin' On The Ritz
Maurice & Cheryl danced a Paso Doble to the song “Let It Rock”—Kevin Rudolf and Lil Wayne
Kevin Rudolf & Lil Wayne - Let It Rock - Single - Let It Rock
Lance & Lacey danced a Foxtrot to the song “Sweet Pea”—Amos Lee
Amos Lee - Supply and Demand - Sweet Pea
Lance & Lacey danced a Samba to the song “1 Thing”—Amerie
Amerie - Touch - 1 Thing
Warren & Kym danced a Tango to the song “Peter Gunn Theme”—Henry Mancini
HENRY MANCINI - Ultimate Mancini - Peter Gunn Theme (Peter Gunn Suite)
Warren & Kym danced a Jive to the song “Hallelujah I Love Her So”—Ray Charles
Ray Charles - Ray Charles - Hallelujah, I Love Her So