Dancing with the Stars Winner (My Prediction)

In preparation for the finals of Dancing with the Stars next week, I decided I’d make a little prediction on who is going to be the Dancing with the Stars 2008 Winner. Let me make it easy for everyone:


Not only do Brooke and Derek deserve to win Dancing with the Stars, but Derek has a fan base as large or larger than any of the stars. Add in Brooke’s ability to use social media (See Brooke’s Blog) and you have a couple that will be unbeatable in the finals.

The reality of the Dancing with the Stars finals is that the judges scores are almost exactly the same for each couple. In the finals, America’s vote is what truly decides the winner. This year they have added a small twist having a Samba Face-Off (each dance set to the same song). Dancing to the same song will offer a little more differentiation to the couples as opposed to each couple just re-dancing one of their previous dances. However, it’s always been almost scripted that the final show is a celebration of the last 3 couples talent.

My only concern is that I think that Lacey and Lance will do a really great Freestyle. Lacey’s experience on So You Think You Can Dance should allow her to create what I think could be the best Dancing with the Stars freestyle of all time. Plus, Lacey and Lance do have a pretty nice following too. However, my theory is that more women vote for their favorites and more women will like Derek and Brooke, the mom, than those women that will like the rebellious Lacey and Lance.

Warren and Kym are a wonderful couple. Kym is one of the most beautiful and creative dancers on the show. Warren is hilarious and I’ve loved him since I first saw him blow up an offensive line. However, I just don’t think they have the fan following that will get them the win. Plus, I’m almost certain that they’ll be at least a couple points behind the other 2 couples. Warren is amazing for a 300 pounder, but not anywhere near as refined as the other 2. I will love to see what type of lifts Warren does in the freestyle. Considering his strength and Kym’s slight frame, they could do some really amazing lifts. I expect Warren will throw her around like a little rag-a-doll.

Still don’t believe me. Then, look at the numbers from this season.
Couple – Average Score
Brooke & Derek – 26.5
Warren & Kym – 24.4
Lance & Lacey – 23.9

If you’re still not sure, just remember one final reason. Brooke choking last week is the biggest reason she’s going to win. Previously, her fans would have been lackadaisical and many wouldn’t have worried about voting. Her poor performance last week will inspire her fans to vote in enormous fashion.