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Interview with Tony Dovolani

'Dancing With The Stars' Celebration Party At Charcoal Restaurant

I’m really excited, because it looks like I’m going to be able to do an interview with Tony Dovolani. I always love to be able to ask questions of people that I’ve seen on TV so much. The funny part is that I almost feel like I know the guy even though I don’t really know him at all. I’ve just seen him on TV.

Well, I’m trying to do a video interview online, but we’ll see how technical he is at connecting with me. If not, then I’ll at least be able to post a text interview for all those adoring Tony Dovolani fans.

I do like to involve my readers as much as possible. If I’m able to work out the details of an interview with Tony Dovolani, what should I ask him? What would you ask him? I have a lot of ideas, but I’d love to have more. One question I’m certain to ask is if he can give us any hints on the 2009 Dancing with the Stars cast. I’m sure he can’t tell us who his new partner is, but maybe he’ll give some sort of hint like it’s a singer or something.

More of Tony Dovolani and the cool iPhone project he’s working on coming soon.

January 28, 2009 I Written By

Better known as Charlie.

Misty May’s Return to Dancing with the Stars

12th Annual Entertainment Tonight & People Magazine's Emmy Party

I recently saw a rumor that Misty May-Treanor would be returning to be a member of the Dancing with the Stars Season 8 cast. Dancing with the Stars fans will certainly remember that Misty May-Treanor had to leave season 7 of Dancing with the Stars due to injury.

How fun would it be for Misty to be able to go back on the show and see how well she’d do. It did feel kind of wrong for her to have to quit because of injury. I personally would like to see Misty’s partner on the show Kerri Walsh. Unfortunately, I found this quote from Kerri talking about Misty’s experience on Dancing with the Stars and whether we’ll get to enjoy Kerri Walsh on Dancing with the Stars also.

“She had so much fun. She only made it two episodes in before she got hurt, and Misty was doing very well prior to this. She was one of the ringers, and she was doing a great job. Her main motivation is to get healthy and go back out there and dance.”

Has Walsh ever thought about being on the show?

“Absolutely not,” Walsh laughed. “Misty’s the brave one. She’s such a ham. She grew up dancing, and she puts herself out there. I’m a little more reserved than that.”

That’s too bad. I’d love to see Kerri Walsh on the show. Why not have a couples Dancing with the Stars and bring on celebrity couples to compete against each other?

Also, rumors that Cindy McCain was going to be on Dancing with the Stars have been reported as not true. Wouldn’t that have been interesting. Ok, not really. I’ve seen enough of McCain to last a lifetime.

January 26, 2009 I Written By

Better known as Charlie.

Dancing with the Stars Tour Video – Dallas, TX

I found this video on Youtube which included both video from the Dancing with the Stars tour and also pictures. Not the best quality video, but still entertaining to watch.

You can still go and Buy Tickets to see the Dancing with the Stars tour live.

January 20, 2009 I Written By

Better known as Charlie.

Dancing with the Stars Live Tour Experience – Rosemont, IL

I’ve had a ton of interest in my post about the Dancing with the Stars tour. There only about half way through the tour, so you can still get tickets to see some of the best Dancing with the Stars dancers live.

Recently I had someone post a comment about how much they enjoyed the Dancing with the Stars tour visit to Rosemont, IL and I asked her to write a guest post about the experience. Here’s Mary’s description of the Dancing with the Stars tour.

Hello everyone!

I am Mary and I attended the Dancing with the Stars Live Tour at the Allstate Arena on January 9th, 2009. When I got to the Allstate Arena, I was wearing my ” Maksim” outfit made up of a grey sweat shirt and black sweatpants with Maksim written all over it. I saw one girl with a hot pink poster that said I Love Lance!

My mom, sister, and I went to the tour. My mom bought my sister and I a shirt that cost $30 and my sisters cost $35. We found our section, which was 210. Our tickets were $50 each, which wasn’t bad. I thought that the seats would be ok, but they were pretty good. We saw everything.

The stage was really cool and it was smaller than I thought. The show started 20 minutes late and I was kind of mad. There were commercials and a local dance competition between Chicago couples. That was kind of cool.

Then the show started and each dancer was introduced and all I heard was screaming. I love Maksim and when he was introduced, I screamed so loud! lol The dances were really upbeat and the different kinds of music was amazing. Serious, aggressive, and romantic music. The crowd favored Cheryl Burke, Lance Bass, and Maksim C.

Toni Braxton sang two of her songs and the dancers danced to them. There was a 20 minute break. We walked around and talked to a couple of coppers who we know. The show started again and the dances got even better. The focus was on everyone more than individuals. The final group dance was everything I expected and then I was sad to see it end.

I would definitely rate the DWTS Live Tour a 10, because the dancers were so energetic and the crowd truly enjoyed the experience of seeing them dance live. Afterwords, my mom, sister, and I went downstairs and waited in the back for the dancers and celebities to come out and sign autographs. I thought I recognized Lacey Schwimmer with out her tall heels and her colorful hair extensions, and I said Lacey and she gave me a hug. I asked her to sign an autograph and she said sure, sweetie. Then she took a picture with my sister and I. I said thank you and she gave me another hug. She was so nice and approachable. She was the nicest one! lol

We also saw Lance Bass, Maurice Green, Eytda S. with a robe and boots on, and Alec Mazo. We were waiting to see if Maksim would come out ,but the cops said you guys have to go home. I was so mad, because we paid for tickets and I think that we have a right to wait for the dancer to come out and sign a couple of autographs. It wasn’t worth fighting with cops, so we just left. The tour was amazing and If Maksim is on the next season of DWTS, we will for sure attend the tour again. Amazing show! Great job to all of the dancers and the band was amazing.

Thanks for the writeup Mary. If anyone else has attended the Dancing with the Stars tour, I’d love to have you do a writeup of your experience as well.

January 16, 2009 I Written By

Better known as Charlie.

Hugh Jackman on Dancing with the Stars

TV Guide recently suggested that Hugh Jackman should be on Dancing with the Stars. Well, at least Samantha Harris wants him on the show. The problem with this is that Samantha Harris has nothing to do with the cast of stars which are on Dancing with the Stars.

Of course, just because Samantha Harris doesn’t have anything to do with the cast of Dancing with the Stars, doesn’t mean that we don’t have our opinions on the Dancing with the Stars 2009 cast. My favorite suggestion in the comments was having Candace Cameron and Kirk Cameron be a brother and sisters combo on the show. Would be a lot of fun to see sibling rivalry amongst the stars.

UPDATE: Looks like Mark Ballas Jr. wants Jennifer Aniston on the show and Derek Hough would like Angelina Jolie. Never going to happen, but if the show could get them on it would be amazing to watch.

January 12, 2009 I Written By

Better known as Charlie.

Maks Chmerkovskiy and Karina Smirnoff Engaged and Mark Ballas Injured

Maks Chmerkovskiy and Karina Smirnoff are now engaged. Who would have thought that Karina would leave Mario for Maks? Well, actually they really seem to go together really well. Mario and Karina never really matched for me. I’m sure that many a Maks lover will be disappointed that Maks is no longer available. Here’s a little bit more information about their engagement from

“I’m in love and so is she,” Chmerkovskiy told People. “Everything is beautiful.”

The two have worked together on Dancing for four years, but only tested the romantic waters fourth months ago. Chmerkovskiy popped the question on New Year’s Eve.

“He is such a softie,” Smirnoff said of her betrothed. “The way he proposed was so romantic.” Chmerkovskiy gave Smirnoff a three-karat platinum and diamond ring — which viewers can start salivating over when two return for Dancing’s eighth season in March.

In other news, Mark Ballas, Jr was hurt on the Dancing with the Stars tour. Here’s more information on what happened:

Dancing with the Stars pro Mark Ballas, who took home season six’s mirror ball trophy with partner Kristi Yamaguchi, suffered a groin injury and announced he will have sit out “a couple of weeks” of the shows tour, according to People.

After a performance on Saturday at the Los Angeles Staples Center, the Dancing pro, who was visibly in pain, apologized to fans for not giving a hundred percent. Both he and partner Yamaguchi did, however, pull-off a high energy performance as well as pull off a hip-hop routine with fellow pros Lacey Schwimmer and Derek Hough.

I’m not sure if the Dancing with the Stars curse is real. I think that dancers just get injured more than we realized before the show. I guess we’ll see who will get injured next when season 8 of Dancing with the Stars premieres on March 9 with a live, two-hour special.

I Written By

Better known as Charlie.