Interview with Tony Dovolani

'Dancing With The Stars' Celebration Party At Charcoal Restaurant

I’m really excited, because it looks like I’m going to be able to do an interview with Tony Dovolani. I always love to be able to ask questions of people that I’ve seen on TV so much. The funny part is that I almost feel like I know the guy even though I don’t really know him at all. I’ve just seen him on TV.

Well, I’m trying to do a video interview online, but we’ll see how technical he is at connecting with me. If not, then I’ll at least be able to post a text interview for all those adoring Tony Dovolani fans.

I do like to involve my readers as much as possible. If I’m able to work out the details of an interview with Tony Dovolani, what should I ask him? What would you ask him? I have a lot of ideas, but I’d love to have more. One question I’m certain to ask is if he can give us any hints on the 2009 Dancing with the Stars cast. I’m sure he can’t tell us who his new partner is, but maybe he’ll give some sort of hint like it’s a singer or something.

More of Tony Dovolani and the cool iPhone project he’s working on coming soon.