Fictional Dancing with the Stars Story

Now I must admit that I’m a pretty big fan of Dancing with the Stars.  I think anyone that mentions Dancing with the Stars to me gets overwhelmed by how many things I know about the show.  Sure, I’m pretty fanatic about it.  That’s why I have this cool website where I write all about Dancing with the Stars and in particular the Dancing with the Stars music.

However, I must admit that I draw the line when people start to write fictional stories about the dancers on Dancing with the Stars.  I didn’t really believe it was real either until I found this thread on the ABC Dancing with the Stars forum.  Let me offer you the start of the story (mind you this was written by 8 people):

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one day mark was walking to go to practice with kim and then he ran into sabrina. they talked for a while and mark wuz getting late. when he came into practice late, kim being the diva she is, isn’t used to being kept waiting and was quite cold to dear Mark. He however being the charmer was able to sooth her wounded ego with some extra attention and charming smile. A fab rehearsal ensued, and afterward they decided to grab a bite to eat, when they ran into Mark’s pal Derek. Derek was supposed to be meeting Shannon and was running late because he had to take a shower with water set on hell to get the smell of Brooke’s perfume off of him.  He knew if he went home smelling so good Shannon would have a melt down and follow him to practice all the time.  Meanwhile Julianne shocked Cody by wearing nothing but a jock. He said it was for a role in a hockey  movie, but Julianne suspected he just  wanted to display the equipment and Cody was shocked as well to see Julianne in her little short shorts from her juicy fruit commercial, paired up with her official Hanna Montana tightie tee, also displaying her equipment!! He was a little dismayed at her associating him with this kids show, as he wants her to think of him as a man, not a boy in a man’s jock. As he sat pondering how to further convey his message, in walked Lance, stopping in to see how things were going…

Ok, I won’t post anymore.  The craziest part of all is that this thread goes on for 20 pages of the forum.  It’s honestly so amazing what fans will do.  I’m not trying to knock the people that are writing this, but you have to admit that it’s kind of hard not to do it.  I guess there’s nothing technically wrong with it, but I don’t think it’s something you write home to mom about either.

Either way, I guess if that’s what it takes for some people to pass the time between seasons of Dancing with the Stars, then that’s cool.  Good thing we’ll at least know the new cast of Dancing with the Stars on Sunday.  Although, then the Dancing with the Stars fiction writers will just have more characters to add to their story.  I bet they had a hey day when Karina and Maks got engaged.