Jason Taylor’s Dancing with the Stars Quote of the Day

2007 ESPY Awards - Arrivals

Jason Taylor was one of the most manly men to ever be on Dancing with the Stars. The difference between him and Emmitt Smith or even Jerry Rice was that Jason Taylor was still playing football. All of this is good background for the following 2 quotes (from about 6 months ago) by Jason Taylor about Dancing with the stars.

As for his “Dancing With the Stars” fans? Well, he couldn’t avoid them if he tried.

“You’d be surprised,” Taylor said Tuesday. “Whether it’s older ladies or middle-aged women or young girls, the show reached a lot of people. Everywhere I go. I was at the gas station last night, and a lady and her daughter said ‘Hello’ and ‘You were great on “Dancing with the Stars.”‘ They don’t know I play football half the time, which is fine.”

Man it’s amazing the impact that TV can have on a person’s life.