DWTS 2009 Couples Update

UPDATE: Check out the latest on Dancing with the Stars Season 8.

I previously posted my mostly sarcastic (and hopefully funny) Dancing with the Stars 2009 couples suggestions.  It looks like only 2 of the couples have officially been announced.  GMA had Denise Richards on the show this morning and introduced her to her partner Maks.  It was kind of fun to see Denise see her partner for the first time.  It was also funny that Denise and her house/family have affectionately named Maks, Maksy Pooh.  This looks like it could be fun.  She seems like the exact opposite of hard core Maks.  I can’t wait for their first confrontation.

The second couple People announced was Chuck Wicks and Julianne Hough.  Imagine that!

Ok, so Chuck and Julianne being together isn’t a surprise at all.  Should be interesting to watch.  My wife and I went to the finale of the last season of Dancing with the Stars (thanks Julianne’s mom) and we had a chance to meet Chuck and Julianne backstage.  It was cute to see their young love.  We also were able to chat for a second with Chuck Wicks and he was super laid back and nice.  We’ll definitely be cheering for them both.

Here’s the picture we took at last year’s finale with Chuck Wicks.  Let’s hope he’s at the finale of next year holding up the mirror ball trophy.

Chuck Wicks at Dancing with the Stars Finale

Chuck Wicks at Dancing with the Stars Finale

An ABC spokesperson says the remaining professional dancer/celebrity pairings will be announced on Thursday, February 12.

Dancing with the Stars eighth season premieres March 9 on ABC.