Steve Wozniak and Karina Smirnoff on DWTS

Copyright 2009 Craig Sjodin / ABC

Copyright 2009 Craig Sjodin / ABC

Steve Wozniak is paired with Karina Smirnoff for Dancing with the Stars 2009. Woz (as he’s known in tech circles) is a hero of every nerd in the world (including myself). The guy is the one who I believe is truly the one who invented the computer as we know it today. He was the technical genius behind Apple and computers.

Idol worship aside, Woz is going to surprise people on the show. Not on the dance floor. I think there’s little doubt that he’s going to be horrible on the dance floor. However, he’s going to be fun and entertaining on the dance floor. See Jerry Springer and even Cloris Leachman to some extent on the dance floor. All of this though, won’t help him get scores with the judges. They’re going to love the man, but hate his dancing.

The key to Woz’s success is the incredibly power of the internet to unite the nerds behind a common hero. They’ve already started a twitter account to support Woz. If nerds truly unite behind Woz, then he’s going to really rake in the fan votes. Good thing that there is online voting. Even the most hapless nerds have an unlimited number of email addresses they can use to vote. I know I do. The question is only whether nerds care enough to do it.

I feel like Karina Smirnoff will not like this partnership. She’s going to look awkward in every interview with Woz. She does a horrible job hiding her true feelings. She’s not going to like dancing with Woz. However, Karina is a fan favorite. Do a search for Karina and check out the pictures of her bending back. It’s incredible.

All in all, Woz will stay a round or two more than he should (like Mark Cuban). He’ll give us all a good laugh and make every nerds dream come true of dancing with someone as beautiful as Karina Smirnoff.