Bachelor’s Melissa Rycroft Replaces Nancy O’Dell on Dancing with the Stars

People is reporting that Melissa Rycroft will be replacing Nancy O’Dell on the cast of Dancing with the Stars. Many of you are probably asking who Melissa Rycroft is. It’s a good question considering it is called Dancing with the Stars and normally we know at least the names of the stars.

I write a bunch of TV blogs and even I had to take a second look to figure out the name Melissa Rycroft. Melissa is a former Dallas Cowboy cheerleader, but is really famous for her time on The Bachelor. Yes, Melissa was the one that Jason Mesnick through under the bus in the finale of The Bachelor. I will say that I think most people agreed that it really was the best thing that Jason could have done for Melissa. I think I didn’t recognize the name very quickly, because the Bachelor only uses first names. Dancing with the Stars is a great way for Melissa to bounce back.

I’m not really sure how much of a star Melissa is, but I’ll give ABC a break considering Nancy O’Dell was injured and I’m sure ABC was scrambling to find a replacement. Certainly Nancy O’Dell would have been more interesting, but I am excited to see Melissa try and strut her stuff on this season of Dancing with the Stars. I kind of like having one person who’s kind of a bit of a no namer. Maybe they should do one each year. Then, it would be truly Dancing with the Stars for those people.

One other thing that will be really interesting about Melissa Rycroft is that her parents wanted nothing to do with The Bachelor and refused to participate in the home town date. Now Melissa will be on a show that’s even more popular and often cuts to the family. Will Melissa’s parents decide to show their faces on Dancing with the Stars? I’m guessing they won’t and I must admit that if I was in their shoes I probably wouldn’t either.