Dmitry and Chelsie Riding Horses with Jewel and Ty

Jewel and Ty decided to turn the tables on Dmitry and Chelsie and teach them a little something new. Neither Chelsie or Dmitry had ridden horses before and so it’s kind of neat that Ty and Jewel could introduce them to something new.

Check out this short video that Jewel made of Dmitry and Chelsie riding a horse for the first time:

You can read more about the horse riding, target shooting, four-wheel riding, fishing and eating BBQ that happened with Jewel and Ty in between Dancing with the Stars practice sessions on Jewel’s blog.

I’m still really sad that Jewel is injured and out of Dancing with the Stars. I was really looking forward to her on the show after seeing her as a judge on Nashville Star. Plus, the husband wife dynamic would have been interesting as well.