Steve-O Stapled By Lacey and Another Injury

I figured it was only a matter of time before Steve-O did something special on the show to utilize his “unique” talents. Well, looks like Lacey and Steve-O are already trying to work their fans for votes by stapling “vote for steve-O & lacey” on Steve-O’s body (picture). That guy is so much more of a man than me. The only thing that would make it better was if this was a video where we could really watch Lacey do it. I wonder if Lacey’s going to choreograph a real kick to the midsection as part of Dancing with the Stars. I’m amazed that Steve-O was willing to do this proper looking picture:

Copyright 2009 Craig Sjodin / ABC

Copyright 2009 Craig Sjodin / ABC

Also, this one is a little old, but I hadn’t written about it so I figured I’d throw it in here that Gilles Marini reportedly had a minor injury as well (who hasn’t been injured this season?). Here’s the description from People:

Marini, 33, sought medical treatment and his rep says doctors determined the actor has tendonitis in his groin and shoulder.

Despite the setback, “We’re pretty confident he’ll be fine for premiere night,” his rep Jana Davidoff tells “He’s in great shape. He’ll be fine.”