Woz and Nerds Unite on Twitter for Common Cause

During this past presidential race, Obama was praised for using the internet to get the word out. Well, in similar fashion Nerds across America (and probably the world) are uniting in a common cause. There goal is to keep the icon that is Woz on Dancing with the Stars as long as possible. This really hasn’t gone completely viral yet, but if Woz can last past an episode or two I think we’re going to see this really take off.

So, far there are already 2 twitter accounts devoted to getting people to vote for Woz and Steve Wozniack has created a twitter account himself to support the cause as well.

ars technica wrote a blog post about Woz on Dancing with the Stars and I’m sure many other major tech blogs and communities will be doing the same as well. They provided the following information for voting for Woz on Dancing with the Stars:

Just in case you were planning to contribute your support to Woz’s uh, new hobby, the phone number to vote will be 1-800-VOTE4-10. SMS (code 3410) will be limited to AT&T users only, though if you’re an iPhone user, you’ll likely fall into this category anyway. You can even vote online on the DWTS site after the show airs. According to Woz’s newly-created Twitter page, you can apparently vote up to 13 times from each phone number (one vote per contestant on the show), so if you’re really committed, start making plans for all of your friends to come over and have a Woz-watching party.

Finally, check out this cnet video of Woz practicing for Dancing with the Stars with Karina Smirnoff.

Long live the Woz!