Ballas Hough Band and Julianne Hough at Grove

Many people already know that Mark Ballas, Derek Hough and Julianne Hough all have record deals. So, some might argue that they are each stars in their own right. I’d say that Julianne Hough is a star in her own right and Mark and Derek are well on their way to becoming stars.

Either way, fans of the 3 will really enjoy the following videos of the Ballas Hough Band performing at the Grove after the Dancing with the Stars taping. I’m told that they’ll be performing each Tuesday that the Grove. The Grove is a pretty cool place right next to where they tape Dancing with the Stars and you’re very likely to see other stars and professionals from Dancing with the Stars if you attend.

Check out the Ballas Hough Band performing Live at the Grove:

Here’s the second part of the video where Julianne Hough joins the Ballas Hough Band at the Grove: