Woz to Walk Karina Smirnoff Down the Aisle

Seriously? Something seems wrong here. Why would Karina have Woz walk her down the aisle? Sure, invite Woz to the wedding. That’s cool. However, asking Woz to walk you down the aisle sure looks like a young russian girl trying to get in the pocket of a rich nerd.

Here’s the quote from the report:

“She said I could walk her down the aisle, and it touched my heart,” Wozniak told The Insider on Thursday.

More power to you Woz. You are dancing to your own beat and can do what you want with your life. This just doesn’t sound and feel right. Maybe Karina just has no friends and family that REALLY care about her and the Woz really does care about people in general. Would people really be surprised if this was the case?

Although Karina is having trouble setting a date since she has “so many family members”:

“We started talking about it and figuring out when and where we’re going to have it,” Smirnoff told Us last month. “But there’s so many family members that have a say that we got to try to make sure that everyone will be happy. But we think it will be sometime before the end of this year. So, not so long.”

Maybe Karina was just drunk and said it off hand. Who knows. Either way, it’s odd that she asked him to walk her down the aisle.