Julianne Hough – Top New Female Country Artist at ACM Awards

ACM Weekend On Fremont Street Experience - Day 1

Friday night I had the chance to go and see Julianne Hough perform at the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas as part of the Academy of Country Music awards. She puts on a really nice show that is really fun to watch. I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed her performance.

At the show, she was so grateful that she’s been voted as the Top New Female Country Artist. In fact, during her singing of her song “My Hallelujah Song”Julianne Hough - Julianne Hough - My Hallelujah Song(music video My Hallelujah Song) she got chocked up and couldn’t sing. Knowing her and her family like I do, I really think she was touched and surprised by winning.

Julianne also sang “That Song In My Head”Julianne Hough - Julianne Hough - That Song In My Head(Music video That Song In My Head) which was a real crowd pleasure.

I took a bunch of pictures, but my wife had our good camera. So, they didn’t turn out so great, but kind of give you a feeling of what it was like. Also, since they didn’t turn out, I’ll include first some other pictures of Julianne Hough before the show and with Chuck:

ACM Weekend On Fremont Street Experience - Day 1

Now, here are the pictures I took in the crowd. I’ll also create a separate post for a couple short videos I did from the performance: