Dancing with the Stars Doesn’t Need a Live Band

Let’s be completely honest here for a second. I think the singers on the show do pretty well considering the broad range of music that they have to sing. With that said, I have no idea why Dancing with the Stars even has a band and singers. We almost never see them except for at the beginning when Tom recognizes Harold Wheeler. So, if we aren’t going to see them, then what’s the difference in the Live music versus recorded music.

As a comparison, So You Think You Can Dance uses all recorded music and I’ve never once heard someone say they wish it was better quality or that it was live. The reality is that I’ve seen many people complain about the Live music on Dancing with the Stars not being up to par. It’s never bothered me personally, but seems like a waste of money that they could be spending elsewhere. Then again, maybe in this tough economic times we want them to employ as many people as possible.

I even attended the taping of Dancing with the Stars and the live band made no impact on my experience. In fact, I don’t even really remember them being there. So, I say out with the band, despite their incredible talent.