Dancing with the Stars Power Rankings

This is my first edition of the Dancing with the Stars power rankings. It’s basically a copy of ESPN’s power rankings that they do for the various professional sports teams. Since the show is tonight and I just came up with this idea, so this one is shooting from the hip just a little bit. Expect even more research and analysis next week. I should mention that these power rankings are heavily influenced to where we’re at in the show. The scores at this point in the show basically start to even out and so relative fan base becomes much more important.

Here’s the first ever Pure Dancing with the Stars power rankings:
1. Shawn & Mark – Shawn blows everyone else out of the water when it comes to popularity. The Olympic popularity really can’t be argued with. As we get nearer to the end of the show, the scores start to become closer and popularity matters more. Plus, I expect Shawn to really break out in one of these next dances. Not to mention I predict her freestyle will be off the charts.

2. Gilles & Cheryl – Most consistent couple without a doubt. They’re going to get high scores regardless since Gilles is a great dancer paired with possibly the best teacher on the show, Cheryl. Only problem is that Gilles was a relative unknown before the show. He’s grew a nice following and Cheryl has a passionate following, but not as large as Shawn and Mark.

3. Lil’ Kim & Derek – Derek has been working wonders with Lil’ Kim. There scores have shown it. I almost dropped their power ranking down because of Derek’s knee injury, but I expect Derek will dance and we won’t even notice it.

4. Ty & Chelsie – These two just keep surprising everyone. I thought Ty was going to be sent home the second week of the show and he’s still around and kicking. Hard for me to bet against the cowboy now.

5. Melissa & Tony – Melissa should follow up with a better performance this week. I could have ranked them a little higher because of this, but I have a feeling the sympathy votes for Melissa are nearing an end.

Anyone disagree with these rankings? If you do, let’s see your Dancing with the Stars rankings in the comments and reasons why they should be ranked differently.