Extra TV Rumor about DWTS Pro (or Star?) in Footloose!

UPDATE: A new report says that Derek Hough has talked to the people from Footloose, but no agreements have been made. We’ll keep updating as we get more information.

Here is the quote from Extra:

UE: ‘Dancing’ Jackpot!
Posted by ExtraTV Staff on May 4, 2009 1:31 PM

“Extra” reveals the “Dancing with the Stars” competitors that are about to hit the jackpot! Movie roles, million dollar deals — only “Extra” knows the one star tangoing with the offer of a lifetime.

So…Derek or Julianne?? Or Both? Or someone not previously rumored? Place your bets here! 😉 I’ll go out on a limb (not really, since the picture below was included with the article) and say Julianne, although it will kill me to not see Derek as Ren.

DWTS Star in Footloose?