Derek Hough and Mark Ballas May Not Return To DWTS for Season 9

Derek Hough and Mark Ballas Not back for Season 9 of DWTS??

This is per Derek in an interview with E! Online’s Mark Malkin. Here is what Derek says about he and Mark possibly not returning for Season 9 (click to read the whole article).

Julianne Hough may not be the only pro skipping out on Dancing With the Stars next season.

Her brother, Derek, just told me that there’s a chance he and Mark Ballas could be following in her footsteps.

“Mark and I might not be back, either,” Derek says. “We have other things going on.”

Like what exactly? Read on…

Derek and Mark’s band, Ballas Hough Band, released their debut album, BHB, in March. “There’s a bunch of stuff on the table right now,” Derek said, “and we’re going on tour this summer.”

His comment about “stuff on the table” again takes me back to Footloose. I’m still not getting my hopes up. 😉 What that has to do Mark, I don’t know.