Mayo Alanen Videos Before Dancing with the Stars

I have a sneaking suspicion that Mayo Alanen is a very popular dancer with all the female fans of Dancing with the Stars. When you see these two videos I found of Mayo Alanen dancing before he was on Dancing with the Stars, I think he’ll have even more fans.

I think that right now I’m predicting Mayo Alanen as the next professional dancer on Dancing with the Stars season 9. If not, as least we have the following two videos of Mayo to enjoy.

Mayo Alanen and Lisa Vogel dance a Waltz to the Bob Thiele (George Douglas) melody “What a Wonderful World” sang by Luis Armstrong Louis Armstrong - Louis Armstrong's All-Time Greatest Hits - What a Wonderful World

Mayo Alanen and Lisa Vogel performed at the Manhattan Dancesport Championships 2008, Hurt (the sound on this one is pretty loud)