Paying Homage to Derek Hough and Lil’ Kim’s Departure

Maybe this happens when every star/professional dancer gets sent home on Dancing with the Stars, but I feel like some of the people really were extremely disappointed that Derek Hough and Lil’ Kim were sent home instead of Ty and Chelsie last night. I was emailed one example which seems to sum up really well a lot of people’s feelings about Derek and Lil’ Kim’s dancing on DWTS. It comes from tamdayc who describes themselves as “not the typical demographic of his fanbase” but who’s now someone who “really care about his career.” Check out what they wrote:

Yes, I am crying… sobbing! Those reading the outrage posted about Kim’s departure, let me explain why such emotion. I am a DWTS fan! When they announced S8 pairings, the thought from many was Derek and Kim were the oddest pair ever and that people felt bad for Derek. There were mean and racist postings(not on this MB but others) I was not a Kim fan, but felt the nasty comments were unfair. I began to watch KIMBERHOUGH interviews b4 the season and started to think they are onto something. A Black woman from Bed Stuy and a White Mormon kid from UT were looking past their differences to form a friendship and formidable partnership. Derek admitted he was unsure about the pairing but opened himself up. Then they danced and they were good! Not only good, but gave MEMORABLE performances. Derek created routines with Kim in mind. He had already thought up jailhouse routine b4 week 1. I cried watching their VWaltz.The chemistry was infectious! They supported each other outside DWTS. Kim performing with BHB and Derek appearing in Kim’s video. They had such an effect on me, I bought a BHB CD and I am SO not their demographic. I know I should get a grip and this is only a show but they brought me SO much joy. I knew they probably wouldn’t win, but longed for one more week, one more dance! Kim taught me not to judge. Derek taught me to open myself to new people and experiences. For the other teams left, I wish you nothing but the best. However, my DWTS champions have left the stage!

I imagine that things like this must be really nice to read if you’re in Derek and Lil’ Kim’s shoes.