Dancing with the Stars Season 8 Twitter Choice Winner

UPDATE: You can watch the video announcing the Dancing with the Stars Season 8 Winner.

I just posted the results from the Pure Dancing with the Stars poll. However, I thought it would also be fun to take a look at other ways of determining who the most popular of the final 3 is (since at this point it really becomes a popularity contest).

I recently posted a list of the Dancing with the Stars twitter accounts. Since then, my stats program has tracked which twitter account link has been clicked on the most. Certainly not a scientific way to determine who is the most popular, but still fun fodder while we wait for tomorrow’s Dancing with the Stars finale.

Here is the ranking according to the number of clicks to the final 3’s twitter accounts:
1. Melissa Rycroft
2. Gilles Marini
3. Shawn Johnson

Interesting, no?

Of course, another way to look at it is by number of followers that each star has on their twitter account. Those would go like this:
1. Shawn Johnson – 6768 Twitter Followers
2.3. Gilles Marini – 1444 Twitter Followers
3.2. Melissa Rycroft – 258 Twitter Followers 4797 Twitter Followers

Granted, Shawn and Gilles definitely are using Twitter more than Melissa. Although, it is interesting that it’s the same as the poll results I just posted previously. [UPDATE: One of my twitter followers informed me that Melissa Rycroft has another twitter account with many more followers. I’ve updated the post to reflect the difference. I wondered why Melissa wasn’t updating the account I knew about. By the way, you can follow this website on Twitter as well.]

Any other cool ways that I should look at who will become the next Dancing with the Stars winner?