Dancing With the Stars Finale Night

Comcast’s Fancast casts their vote on who should win.

This is what can seal the deal for a celebrity…and this is where things got dicey last night. Going into the performance I would have ranked the gang, Gilles #1, Melissa #2, and Shawn #3.

Then just like that everything changed.

Ever the athlete, little Shawn brought her A-game—and some seriously killer moves–for what “truly was an explosive performance,” according to Bruno, and one that Len just “loved.”

But the real surprise was that Gilles and Melissa found the worst time to choke. They both failed to impress with their freestyles! They weren’t bad, per se, but after weeks of perfection, they didn’t quite meet expectations

I don’t think I agree with the word “choke” but I do agree that neither dancer was up to their usual standard. Will it cost them? I’m going to go out on a limb and say Gilles will win. I do this mainly to be contrary to John. 🙂

DWTS Final Three