Lady Gaga Special Guest Appearance on Dancing with the Stars Finale

Lady Gaga performed “Just Dance” Lady GaGa & Colby O'Donis - The Fame - Just Dance and “LoveGame” Lady GaGa - The Fame - LoveGame with the Lady Gaga Dancers as the special musical guest on the finale of Dancing with the Stars. I’m almost certain that the performance was pre-taped. Did you see how it would have been impossible to get the live band back on stage after the Lady Gaga performance. That’s one of the dirty little secrets of Dancing with the Stars.

I must admit that I’ve enjoyed some of the Lady Gaga music that’s been used on the show, but I wasn’t impressed at all with the Lady Gaga performance on the finals of Dancing with the Stars. Check out the 2 video performances:

I still really prefer when the professional ballroom dancers perform as opposed to the singer’s dancers. Also, check out the best of the Dancing with the Stars 2009 music.