Dancing with the Stars Season 9 – Let the Gossip Begin!!!

UPDATE: Check out the latest Dancing with the Stars Season 9 cast rumors here.

Only a few days out from the finale of Season and, and the rumors and gossip begins to spread as to who will appear on Season 9.  I found two such rumors today!  One person I’ve never heard of, and one I’ve heard too much of. 😉

First up – Bethenny Frankel, per thehollywoodgossip.com:

Do you wanna see her on Dancing on the Stars?

When asked if she’d be up for that competition, Frankel told E! News:

“It looks like a good challenge, so yes – yes, I would definitely do it.”

Sounds like E! asked her if she would do it – I have no idea if any producers have spoken to her. Here’s a pic for others who are as clueless as I am.

bethenny frankel

Then I found this little nugget – remember, this post has the word “gossip” in it for a reason.

Suge Knight On Dancing With The Stars Next Season?

So Suge Knight may be showing his dance steps next season of Dancing with the Stars ? That’s what is being reported on MediaTakeOut. The gossip site is reporting that the show’s producers are working to get the Death Row founder, somebody that once scared the hell out of the music industry, into a pair of dance shoes so he can cut the rug with some little white lady. Suge seems interested.