Gossip Fast Forward – Dancing with the Stars 2010

UPDATE 2010 Season: Check out the Dancing with the Stars Season 11 Cast.

UPDATE: Check out the latest Dancing with the Stars Season 9 cast rumors here.

UPDATE 2: It’s official, check out the cast of Dancing with the Stars Season 9. Nice to see lots of the cast were on our rumor list.

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The first person begging to be on Dancing with the Stars for 2010 is a woman named…Erin Andrews.  Never heard of her, but apparently Tom Bergeron has. Here’s what SportingNews.com has to say about Erin.

As her fame has boomed, Erin Andrews has declined certain requests because they would detract from her standing as a working journalist. Dancing With the Stars, though, would not be one of those requests.

“I want to do it, because I think I’d be good at it,” Andrews said yesterday, over a lunch of a hamburger and chicken noodle soup in downtown D.C. (I had iced tea. Too many freebie cookies from the Scripps National Spelling Bee.)

“I want to do it very badly,” she continued. “That’s the big push.”

She’s said this to others in recent days, but she was really, 100 percent serious. So there, that’s out there. She couldn’t do the fall season, of course, due to her work responsibilities, but she could make her schedule fit with the spring season. I can’t imagine a scenario in which ABC and sports bloggers don’t all benefit from this, so make it happen, producer people.

“I would love it love it love it,” Andrews said. “I want to be like, ‘Who do I call?’ Let’s do this.”