Where in the World is…Derek Hough?

In the interest of keeping up with ALL of the professional dancers from DWTS, I have started a new series.  A couple times a week I will post an update of what a given dancer is up to.  I’m starting with the easiest pro for me to keep up with – Derek Hough. 

Derek is a piece of cake – he’s in the south pacific with his gorgeous girlfriend, Shannon Elizabeth, for a much deserved vacation. To be specific – Bora Bora.  Lucky dog. 🙂  We’ll catch up with Derek again later, once he’s back in the states.

This past weekend, Derek was at the Indy 500 with his band, the Ballas Hough Band.  Between the Snakepit Ball, the parade, and the Playboy Party (see picture below), Derek had a full weekend even before he took to the stage with BHB for a post-race concert.

Derek has said that he will be back for Season 9 “as long as they don’t cast all 7′ women”.

Derek Hough and the bunnies

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